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Discussion in 'DBTC - Softies' started by yardartist, May 2, 2009.

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  1. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    Redish with blue dots. It has grown about four times the size it was when I got it as a rider on another frag. It has not liked my tank or my refugium. I thought mushrooms were easy? My guess is the flow keeps it from opening. I now have a gyre going so the tank is brisk most places.

    Pick up Saturday at the BOD or in Berkeley. Let me know what you like.

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  2. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    Hi Richard,

    This one looks like the one I was supposed to give you a while back. Do you still want it? Although that wouldn't make much sense.

    I find this mushroom is more finicky than the others. Doesn't like flow, doesn't like to be touched. Likes to be left alone on the bottom of the tank.
  3. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    I tried this one on the bottom of my tank, but with the gyre the bottom is choppy. It is even getting blown with the K 1 in the refugium. Thanks for asking. I think I am off this type mushroom, or at least as soon as someone claims this one I am off.
  4. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    Where is the tracker on this frag. I picked it up at the BAR BOD meet on May 9 2009.

    Wish to add it to the system.
  5. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    This mushroom is healthy and still growing no babies yet.

    Will have pictures of it soon.
  6. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    Wanted to give my update on this guy. Its still growing but no babies. Colors are good and healthy.

    Will post pictures later.
  7. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    i was rearranging the rock on which this little mushroom came from and found to little babies. I am going to let them grow out a bit and then return them to the DBTC program. Give or take a few weeks to a month or too.

    I'll keep you guys posted when they become available.
  8. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    Is it growing just from the light source, or is it taking in some food you add to the tank? That is wild, babies in the same time frame it sat in my tank.
  9. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    i drop a blend of foods into the tank but never direct feeding of corals except my RBTA.

    I feed spirulina 20 ocean nutrition F1 pellets and cyclopeeze and rods food, started oyster feast and a regular dose of phytoplankton.

    Most of these foods go towards the fish whatever floats around gets eaten by the corals and clean up crew.
  10. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    Well i have to say i am now a proud reefer to give back a frag of this. The baby mushroom is now healed and growing. If anyone wants to try this one please let me know. Pick up in Milpitas or East San Jose.

  11. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    Gen 2, way to go! One coral free. If this were Green Marine you would be back a 10er, but here for one frag only, free. Cannot beat this offer. The economy is down have one free while you can. Thanks Adolfo for growing this out.

    Can you tell this is the first chain I started to make it to gen 2?

    (disclaimer, any casual plug of Green Marine is coincidental and not necessarily intentional)
  12. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    This frag comes on a Rock. I am reserving Jims Rods for his store.
  13. Solitaryensis

    Solitaryensis Supporting Member

    Id like a frag if there is one still available. Thanks in advance.
  14. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    Its yours. I live in San Jose and work in Milpitas. I can also drop it off at Neptunes or wait til the next BAR meet swap.
  15. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    I have 2 of these mushrooms up fro grabs if anyone is interested Pick up in San Jose East or Aquarium Showroom. I am free after 3:30pm.
  16. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    i got a few of these grown out if anyone wants some under the DBTC rules.
  17. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    Anyone interested in these would like this chain to continue and complete my obligations to this mushroom.
  18. BigMac

    BigMac Guest

    Got a pic, I have a couple of quiet spots in my tank..
  19. adolfo425

    adolfo425 Guest

    This mushroom used to be big but shrunk a little but its got really nice color.

    I will get picture of it in a few hours once i get home. Its the size of a dime at the moment. It used to be quarter size when it branched off the main mushroom.

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