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Discussion in 'DBTC - Softies' started by RandyC, Dec 27, 2017.

Palau Nephthea
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      • Baykes
      • ashburn2k
      • melly mel
        melly mel
      • jepoy
      • Bruce Spiegelman
        Bruce Spiegelman
      • Fox_reefing
      • NanoCrazed
    1. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Standard rules apply: Mine dies, I go to the top of the list for next available frag. I'd prefer this to just be passed along to supporting members and used as backup for everyone and not a for profit thing. If your tank is not currently in a good state, please refrain from requesting at this time. Please also update if yours dies or you pass it along to someone. Occasional updates and/or pictures would be cool. Play nice!

      Note: This one has a special rule, I got the original frag from @Yippee so if he ever needs a piece, he goes to the top of the list.


      This one is a fast grower. My placement details.
      Location: Sand bed
      Light: Radion XR15w (~115 PAR)
      Flow: Low-Moderate

      Two frags already went to @Baykes and @ashburn2k. I can cut one more frag if someone is interested.
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    2. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Thread was recreated because the old thread didn’t have the tree tracking feature due to a bug that still isn’t fixed.

      Anyway, my Palau Nephthea is big again and needs to be trimmed. Have one maybe two frags available. Will be fresh cuts not attached to anything.

    3. I want one!
    4. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Got time today? I'm home the rest of the day. Located in Castro Valley.
    5. Damn. Just got back from close to there about a hour ago! When's your next day home?
    6. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Tomorrow after 8pm, Friday, Saturday.
    7. melly mel

      melly mel Guest

      I’d like a piece if you have an extra frag available.
    8. Fish Boss

      Fish Boss Guest

      I have a frag of nepthea, (not from this chain) that you can have as DBTC
    9. jepoy

      jepoy Supporting Member

      I’d like to get a piece if anyone has any extra... and after everyone else who posted before me has gotten theirs of course

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    10. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      I can probably make 2-3 frags. These will be fresh cuts (i.e., not attached to a rock or plug).

      You can pick up in Castro Valley (Nights or Weekends) or Milpitas (during the week).

      PM me to arrange pick up.

      @Bruce Spiegelman still want a piece?
    11. jepoy

      jepoy Supporting Member

      If you have any extra after everyone gets their frag, I can pick up at your work anytime next week.

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    12. JVU

      JVU BOD

      I’d like to add my name to the queue, I’m in no rush and I realize the current cuts are spoken for already :)

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    13. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      I have a frag, possibly two to give away of this.

      @Bruce Spiegelman @jepoy @JVU still interested? Or did I already give you a piece?

      @Fox_reefing you were looking for a Nephthea, right?

      Anyone that already has a frag of this in the chain have an update? Been a while.

      Pickup in Castro valley.
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    14. Fox_reefing

      Fox_reefing Supporting Member

      @RandyC , yes I would like to get frag and be part of DBTC. Thanks
    15. jepoy

      jepoy Supporting Member

      Hi @RandyC, you already gave me a frag thanks!

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    16. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      Added you to the chain.

      @Bruce Spiegelman i think I gave you one at the last CFM. Did you ever get it?
    17. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer Past President

      Important to learn how to add yourself to a chain. It should always be on the receiver explicitly implied or not to add themselves to the chain. It Is inherently part of the process in my opinion.
      I don't mean to single you out by any means and apologize if it seems like I did. I just want people to know to add themselves to a chain when they get a frag.

      Click the icon of the person that gave you the frag, then click the plus, then fill out the info. Then grow out the coral to the best of your ability, updating the thread with pics and such now and again, and hopefully give out frags to other people eventually.
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    18. I did. It's growing nicely. I didn't remember it being a DBTC, but just added myself to the chain.
    19. RandyC

      RandyC Supporting Member

      @Fox_reefing let me know when you want to pick it up. PM to arrange a date and time.
    20. rygh

      rygh BOD

      So true...
      I gave some of Geneva's chalice to other people, and forgot to do the paperwork right away, then forgot who I gave them to.
      Feel sad about that due to the special circumstances.

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