DBTC Pick up / Drop off for April 11th meeting

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  1. Roc

    Roc Guest

    Please let me know if this isn't gonna work for you.

    DBTC to Pick up

    Bright green polyp encrusting monti – Levi / Levi
    Aussie Acan – Gomer / Tony (might not be able)
    Pink monti – Bad bread /Jay
    Blue Tip Acro – Sendo
    Faux Superman monti – Reefstud / Daniel
    Green Birdnest – Reefstud / Daniel
    Cali Tort – Reefstud / Daniel
    ORA Marshall Islands Acro – Tuberider / Jeremy
    Qwiv's Tri-color – Tuberider / Jeramy

    DBTC to deliver

    Freak a leak zoas – Badbread / Jay
    Interesting Acro – Reefstud / Daniel

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