DIY Calcium Reactor

Discussion in 'DIY' started by pixelpixi, Jan 18, 2009.

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    I use glycerin as well in the bubble counter as well. I find it to a little easier to get the bubble count the way how I like it.
  3. Vincerama2

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    Sooo...did the CA Reactor explode and cover Pixilpixi's babies with mineral oil? What are we talking about in this thread again?

    I'm interested to see if the reactor is online and working now!


    PS. I use RO/DI water in the bubble counter
  4. pixelpixi

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    It did not xplode! I rebuilt part of it so that it works with my non-leaky eheim pump instead of the leaky maxijet. It's running. I'm able to keep the effluent pH around 6.5. It all seems good so far!
  5. zambavi

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    Good to hear! you'll have to post some pics of everything up and running...
  6. Vincerama2

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    I kept meaning to build one. Like everyone else, I have all the acrylic sitting around, etc...then got lazy/busy. Then Bonnie was selling her K2R reactor so I bought it off her. The result is this...waiting for me to build a reactor resulted in me never putting a reactor on the tank. Buying one...boom, it's up and running! I had an eBay reactor years ago which ended up really compacting the media and eventually leaking. I'm sure I could have "fixed it" if I wanted to, but I screwed it up by messing with it too many times.

    So huge props on just deciding to make a CA Reactor and just doing it! Great work! Show us a pic of it working!

    I use a maxijet for my kalk mixer, I just smear some silicon around the impeller housing...doesn't leak!

  7. pixelpixi

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    [quote author=Vincerama2 link=topic=5970.msg78044#msg78044 date=1233624016]
    So huge props on just deciding to make a CA Reactor and just doing it! Great work! Show us a pic of it working!

    Thanks! I seem to be strangely motivated to work on tank projects lately. I'm sure it'll pass. :)

    I'll get some pics up soon. I need to take some photos of my DBTC and swap contributions anyway.
  8. Vincerama2

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    Cool! I wouldn't mind a "phosban reactor" type thing, it seems easy, maybe I'll see if I can piece one together. Where did you buy the acrylic tubing? That's always the hardest part. Well, OK, the LID is the hardest part...

  9. pixelpixi

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    I got the tubing at Tap Plastics. And the lid is easy if you use the 4" tubing!

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