Dosing Pump and Auto Top Off?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by aquatic mouse, Jul 2, 2014.

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    Does it have to absolutely be submersible?

    The cool thing about using a pump like an AquaLifter is that it pumps slowly. I just added Kalk into my ATO yesterday, and I didn't have to change anything about the setup. The AquaLifter pumps slow enough that I don't spike the tank when my ATO kicks on.

    My ATO is set to activate every three hours. It's cuts on for an average of 30 seconds each time.
  2. I'd rather not drill any more holes in the walls of this apartment if I don't have to, and I don't have space for a table near it.
  3. The nice thing about submersible is less tubing = less chance of a leak, also a pump outside the container takes up more space under the tank.
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    I guess you can surely just use a low wattage pump like a small Rio or something, just big enough to pump up to the tank. You just won't be able to use Kalk in your ATO.

    If you already have dozers for your 2-part, then it sounds like you'll be set.
  5. I don't have dosers yet, but I plan on getting theBRS 1.1 mL/minute dosers Felicia recommended in the next couple of months. I have to have a repeat c-section, so I'll be in the hospital the beginning of September. I worry my husband will either forget or over/under dose the tank.
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    Okay then the dozers are ABSOLUTELY necessary! :) One benefit of running Kalk in your ATO is that you'll no longer have to dose 2-part.

    Good luck in the hospital! Get well soon!
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    You can buy the pump from a Tunze Osmolator for under $25. Just Google Tunze Osmolator replacement pump.

    It runs on 9v DC so you'd need a wall wart and a small soldering job to attach it.

    It is just under 2" diameter. I have mine slipped into a blue reliance water jug.

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  8. Great! Thanks!
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    try a tunze osmolator 3155 its one of the nicer ato i've used.

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