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    Nice zoas!
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    Okay long update has been overdue. This little blurb is about Hair Algae and Digitate Hydroids The digitate hydroids were a pest and did irritate some of my zoas.

    I had a seemingly unbeatable hair algae outbreak that resulted from nothing. My water parameters were perfect Close to 0 Nitrates Close to 0 Phosphates. My system was and is running super low nutrients.

    I definitely had hair algae, not derbesia not bryopsis. I had a yellow tang that wouldn't eat it. Turbo snails didn't eat it. Emerald Crab didn't eat it. The only two things that I saw eat the hair algae were a Sea Hare and a Hectors Goby. Both of which are known to eat filamentis algae. The sea hare died shortly after eating it (maybe from old age). The hectors goby couldn't keep up with the hair algae growth rate in my 40 breeder. I needed at least 5 of them to be effective.

    It got bad. I have no pictures and I was ashamed to even show my tank.

    I was at the breaking point and considered replacing all of my live rock with "Real Reef Synthetic Rock" because I thought maybe my rocks were leaching nutrients. But that would by my final resolution.

    I found a thread on Reef Central about API Algae Fix Marine. It had about 80 pages of people in my situation claiming it had removed their hair algae. I followed the dosing scheme of 1 dose every 3 days for a total of 11 doses. At the 2nd dose, I notice the hair algae becoming white and falling off the rocks.


    There's a reason why hobbyists recommend stopping after the 10th dose, although API Algae Fix says its invert and coral safe. It's simply not. You're dosing an algaecide into your tank. I personally believe it harms the zooxanthellae in corals to an extent. I lost 3 mini colonies of zoas (RIP Fruit Loops) immediately after dosing, my acans looked like they had colorless holes in their flesh, and some snails died. All corals recovered after dosing.

    I used Algae Fix in combination with big water changes (30-50% every week). I also removed as much of the hair algae from my tank as possible.

    The digitate hydroids disappeared. No clue what could have gotten rid of them, but I haven't seen a single swaying strand in months. The hair algae is down to short nubs a couple millimeters tall. I added 20 more blue-legged hermit crabs which seem to help.
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    Now for equipment related information.

    My sump
    Both inlet pipes are in the left chamber
    A Reef Octopus NWB 110 Skimmer sits on an eggcrate stand in the same chamber.

    A bubble trap separates the skimmer chamber from the middle chamber which houses chaeto and live rock.
    The last chamber has an eheim compact 2000 return pump. Very quiet pump.
    I run GFO and Carbon in a BRS Reactor.

    My two Jebao WP-10's controllers sit in the stand. I love these Jebaos. Haven't had them crap out yet.

    Here's a close up of my sump inlet pipes. I run a Herbie Overflow. Also very quiet thanks to the gate valve. No slurping here.
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    2/4/2015 I've Decided my Tank will be Mostly LPS

    Coral Pictures

    Utter Chaos Zoa

    • Added 1/25/2015
    • Super bright little guy. Can't wait for him to multiply.
    • Always out. I've heard of these guys being finicky and not opening.
    YR Peachy Blues Zoa

    • Added 1/18/2015
    • Also very bright zoas.
    • Colors: Orange Skirt, Teal Body with white flecks, Orange Mouth
    • These actually belong to Jill, but they're in my tank for now. He's going to drop a baby soon!

    • Added 1/18/2015
    • This guy's cool. Looks like a cross between a snail, an alien, and an elephant.
    • He ain't great at it but he does stir/clean the sand.

    Fricken Big Head Dendro
    • Added 1/15/2015
    • Always out.
    • I feed it mysis and brine when I feed my fish.

    Pink Hippo Zoas and Two Rock Flower Anemones
    • Pink Hippos added 1/31/2015
    • Love the bright pink and green color
    • My two nems are great. They never move and are always out.
    • I lost my favorite rock flower due to carelessness. Long story short I didn't give it enough time to attach to the rock. He drifted overnight and was melted by my chalice the next day. He dead. :(
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    Great shots!
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    Well my little bossy clown is finally at it again! I've always wanted clowns that host anemones and the for the past 6 months my clowns have shown ZERO interest in hosting. She's a wild clown from Bali. My other clown is a captive bred ORA clown and he doesn't even know what an anemone is.

    I walked out to my tank this morning before my lights turned on and caught her in the act!

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    Clown looks happy in there haha
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    She never hosts when the lights are on lol!!! :p
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    Great pics, I wish my clowns would figure out the 'nem is for them!
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    Give it time. That's what everyone says. It took my clownfish over 6 months to host, and only one of them hosts.

    I also tried other methods....which I think contributed to my clown hosting.

    1) I only feed my clowns via spraying mysis and brineshrimp into the anemone. They have to swim in to get it.

    2) I taped pictures of clownfish hosting to show them....I swear it worked (sounds so stupid I know), because when I started taping those pictures up, I came out at night and my clown was hosting. Then she stopped hosting for like 3 months and now she's at it again. I taped four 3x5" pictures on all sides of my tank. Then I noticed my clownfish hanging out near the anemone. I think the idea is that they see other clownfish hosting so they either copy or they think there's a predator nearby and they should hide in an anemone. I can't really know for sure though. Just my ideas.

    There's also this belief that tank raised clowns won't host. That's not true. You throw 50 baby tankraised oscellarus clownfish into a tank with bubble tipped anemones. Some of them will definitely display hosting behavior. Hiding in and rubbing against the anemone. Also several people who own tank-raised clowns have seen them hosting.
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    Captive bred clowns and wilds take to anemones, IME vast experience, at the same rate. I've had wilds not take to anems for a few years, and I've had CB hit them the second the hit the tank.
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    Also have to keep in mind, in the natural environment Ocellaris clownfish do not naturally host bubble tipped anemones. Their natural host are the carpet anemone species. I believe Ocellaris clownfish and bubble tipped anemones are not even found in the same natural environment. Reference
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    Haha love the pictures of hosting clowns idea.
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    Okay! Going to update my tank journal so I can rig the Spring Tank Spotlight Award, I mean uhh so I can fairly win the contest. What I can't declare myself the winner?

    I beat the hair algae! YES After 6 LONG months of fighting hair algae. I and the 20 hermit crabs and 6 turbo snails, and the hundreds of dollars in equipment have beaten the hair algae!

    My clownfish is hosting the anemone more often now. Even during the day! Will have to upload the picture.

    Oh and I bought my first Jawbreaker discosoma mushroom (came with a baby too!) and a Pirates Blood morph Zoa from Diablo Corals. Can't wait to see the jawbreaker grow and color up. I fed it some mysis brine shimp the other day. Ate it right up especially with the flow turned off. Hit up Jessie if you're interested in these @eldiablosrt8

    IMG_9917.jpg IMG_9919.jpg
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    Jawbreaker looks awesome! Any good tips (other than normal advice) on ridding hair algae?
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    If you cannot get rid of the hair algae for a long time, I would scrub the rocks with a toothbrush in a separate bucket. Then let your extra snails and hermits do their job. Try not to stir up a bunch of detritus and sand.

    In combination with water changes and running a phosphate binder. Clean your skimmer and algae scrubber when they get dirty to increase nutrtient export.

    But you said you had an algae bloom cuz you switched lights so the algae should go away right?
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    I never had an algae bloom when on Kessil. After switching lights, in just 2-3 days all rocks & sand covered with GHA (I've read it's normal with these lights). Been using a toothbrush to scrub and siphon out as much as possible. It's probably 50% down now, but more to go!

    I have AlgaeX but don't want to go down the path of another chemical treatment.
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    Nice mushroom and zoa. Gotta figure out a relatively painless way to scrape off the coraline algae from my tank and maybe I'll get around to entering the contest. :D
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    Unfortunately I have an acrylic tank, and while I do have the acrylic version of that, it's not even close to the same usefulness. Say what you will about acrylic being clearer than glass a few swipes a week with a razor blade and that tank looks clearer than air.

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