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Discussion in 'Pay It Forward' started by xcaret, May 27, 2015.

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    Still making room in the basement, hey, I can walk in there already!!

    I found a stand that is well made; fits atop an acrylic tank ~36" wide, has contoured round top to accept the rounded front of a Plexiglass tank BUT it can accommodate a regular glass tank by placing a plywood on top of it and securing it, screws should do the trick. With that in mind, I also have a 36" wide glass tank (I think is a 30G long tank) currently being used to store fluorescent lamps. If that is not attractive enough, I also spotted a 20G tall tank, brand spanking new (even the dust is new) that would work as a sump.
    Again, prefer the set, or stand to go to someone starting/getting wet hands again but is no a must.
    It would be nice for the recipient to contribute $x directly to BAR.
    As image shows, there are no doors and has openings on both ends; it's easy to add doors, just a little DIY
    Pick up in SF

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    This is basically a "system", some diy, plumbing, maybe drill for an overflow?
    Price is right !!!

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