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    Apr 24, 2009
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    I've just started a new JBJ 3 gallon pico with the standard set up of a modded AC70 and satellite lights.
    I got some zoas, blastos (don't look so healthy), mushrooms, and dsps from a lfs and a dendro from a friend.

    Livestock to hopefully have:
    Daisy star polyps
    some Acros
    and ricordias.

    Issues already:
    Blastos - seem to have been picked on by the pods and are getting eatten by them. Someone suggested that i needed to feed the pods.
    Aptaisia - yeah this sucked. got some aptaisia killer and seemed to do the trick for now. maybe i'll just get some berghia nudis since i can swap those around with the office aquarium.

    some old initial pics

    blastos eating mysis


    yeah... i know a blury mushroom.

    I'll try to update as i get more coral or add live stock.

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