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    Awesome thanks for the link! I remember hearing about his crypic zone concept at one point and I think watching a video showing one of his crypic stock tanks, but hadn't been able to find it. I'm going to order "The Porifera" now. I've been reading "The Biology of Coral Reefs" by Sheppard, Davy, Pilling, and Graham which has a short, but interesting section on sponges (though doesn't cover aquaria). It talks about some species being able to filter out cyanobacteria and even viruses -- as well as removing as much as 93% of all particulate matter in the water column. I assume that means at some point in a reef tank too many sponges would compete with corals for food, though.
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    I believe some can release potentially toxic compounds back into the water as well...
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    Love the dendro
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    Thanks! I have another one hiding in one of the rear corners that I can't get to sprout another head despite target feeding ~4x per week for over a year now. Not sure if they always grow that slowly...

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    Wow, thanks for the heads up! I'll keep an eye out for any signs of toxicity and read up on it.
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    welcome to bar. gorgeous tank.
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