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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by Phamkap, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Phamkap

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    Hello Everyone!

    New the Bay Area Reefers and a brand new reefer!

    Recently purchased a Biocube 14g from a member of Bay Area Reefers! She has been extremely helpful in giving me tips and pointers!

    I live in Menlo Park and hope to make it to Neptune tomorrow to purchase some water and live (unless anyone has any they want to sell)

  2. iCon

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    Welcome to the club! I’d recommend learning to mix your own water as it’s easy and adds up over the long haul.

    Other quick pointers:

    Avoid corals with names for a long while.

    Keep a light bioload: Gobies might be neat for your tank and some will pair with pistol shrimp. 14G is pretty limiting, so stick to 2-3 fish that stay small. Dore isn’t small ;)

    Prevention is the best remedy for pests like bryopsis, cyano, flatworms, monti eating nudibranchs, etc. Know your pests and how to avoid them!

    Do your water changes...They’re no joke.
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    And Welcome to the club!

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