How do most of you guys battle cyanobacteria and other algae

Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by gabloo, Oct 26, 2016.

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    Oct 27, 2016
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    I have gone through 2 bad cyano phases, the first one was within the first year of the tank getting set up. It took a week of chemiclean to get rid of it finally. Just recently it all came back, and my sand bed was completely brown. Chemiclean again, but this time it didn't work, and because of that I think it was diatoms. I was sick of the sand being dirty, so I bought a pair of diamondback gobies to keep it clean. They do a very good job, and the sand stays clean. My only complaint is that when they really go at it for more than a few hours the water gets kinda cloudy :( to prevent other algae from taking over, I have 2 long spine seaurchins and 3 tuxedo urchins. THis is all in my 180 gallon. I am very much the "oh theres a problem, I bet I can put something into the tank to take care of it" kind of guy lol. I find that most often there is a natural solution to problems related to reef tanks
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    Yes, I had the same light for a while on the second setup. It was a fluorescent bulb from HD. Then i changed the light bulb thinking that it got old. Still no growth, so I changed it with a different type. afterwards my hair algae problems got worse, then chaeto slowly died being out powered by the hair algae. A few times I cleaned the refugium then added fresh chaeto but it never grew. maybe it was because the hair algae ate all the nutrients much faster that the chaeto...
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    Cyano is found in ocean rock bed so I don't mind. It's in my large tanks among the rubbles. I use Chemipure in my nano and that pretty much solve the problem.
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    For cyano I had a big break in my old tank. I used chemiclean and after a few days it was clean again. This product is awesome just be sure to not over do it.

    For alge just minimizing feeding, water changes, good clean up crew and decreasing light ours always worked.
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    Hi there. Maybe it's worth reading

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    Hello everyone,

    It seems that cyanobaterica is going away after reducing my light schedule for one hour, adding more flows and running GFO. I only have a few left in refugium now.
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