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  1. MolaMola

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    105 gal mixed reef, 22 gal frag tank, 12 g clownfish tank, 6 gal jellyfish tank (new jellies coming in January), 1 gal "beaker of doom", 5 gal bucket o' plankton culture. All in a classroom. Need to set up QT for fish ASAP. IMO multiple tank maintenance time totally adds up, which means I am always behind and do only the crucial tasks, deferring maintenance like cleaning pumps, lights, probes, finding out about battery backup, and setting up QT tank and getting fish. Jellyfish and plankton are a pain because they cannot take care of themselves.
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  2. Calde0920

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    How is your plankton set up?
    Are you running a sponge filter
  3. MolaMola

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    We grow rotifers and use this 5 gal bucket system with an air pump and rotifer filter floss:
    I heard about it when Chad from Reed Mariculture gave a talk about copepods for the club earlier this year. Should be super easy, but for some reason we get floating clumps of detritus-like stuff in ours and I have ended up dumping it through floss in a colander into another bucket and back again every couple of days. Not difficult.
  4. Any chance of trading rotifers for corals for the classroom tank? I'd love some for my tank.
  5. MolaMola

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    In January, definitely. Our culture crashed because the heat was off in our storage room (where we keep it) for weeks, we were keeping it warm enough with open doors to the classrooms, then my little building went down to 47 deg and that was that. I had a backup tub hibernating in the fridge but since I'm out of town for part of winter break I cannot deal with it so we will start over. I'll let you know when it is up and running again - it'll be so easy because you're local. Normally, Tuesdays-Fridays we will have extra rotifers we cannot use.
  6. Kensington Reefer

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    That's a lot of Q's for a non supporting member

    I've got more than most
    5gal to 300gal
  7. Kremis

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    180 gallon mixed reef, 28 gallon seahrose / garden eel tank, 20 gallon frag tank and 40g quarantine, want to set up a 10g pod culture soon
  8. Chromis

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    Do most people find it best to keep frag grow-out in a separate tank, with no fish (low phosphates), versus a high nutrient (fish, food, and fish poop...) I ask since a lot of people mention keeping a separate tank for frags?

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    Mine is plumbed in to my display. Corals need food. No fish means no food
  10. Flagg37

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    I guess it's about time I chimed in. I've had a 30 gallon mixed reef tank that I've had up and running for just over a year and I'm currently cycling a 125 gallon that will be an sps dominant tank. I'll have to see if I keep the 30 up and running once the 125 is established.
  11. Gablami

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    I always thought it was more for looks (keep the DT looking clean), functionality and quarantine.
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