How much would you pay for this anemone?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by sfsuphysics, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. sfsuphysics

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    Ok, how many screamed "HERE'S MY CHECKBOOK JUST WRITE A NUMBER IN!!!!" vs. "Hmmm I think I detect a 'shoop" :D

    Fact of the matter is that's very close to what it looks right now. However right now, it's only under royal blue LEDs... so yeah it's fluorescing like a mofo. Basically I was screwing around with LEDs and never had ONLY royal blues on, it's always been a mix, and fantastic colors for certain!

    Here's another one, actually 4 pictures of another one, all the same anemone, all the same exact lighting (nothing changed), however I did fiddle around with my camera's white balance a bit between shots.

    This guy is a smaller one, bulbs at full bubbliness, lots of texture in the tentacles, and well it's slightly shrunken simply because the past day there have been no lights as I wired little tiny wires to tiny little LED pads :D

    Same as above, insane green base with super bright red tentacles. Hard to tell from the original picture but much more apparent here, what color is the rock? This I white balanced against a coraline covered rock with no anemone, in it, as a result the blues/purples diminished, where as the reds didn't go anywhere.

    Now we got a ho-hum drab looking anemone. This one was white balanced against the anemone itself, as a result all the bright extremes faded, however this is not representative to what it looks like. The camera might think this is "what's right" but

    Now we're talking again, hot pink tips, turquoise base, however the coraline should be a clue, it's a bit too purple.

    Finally took one with a flash. Lovely algae, coraline, and everything as it'd look if you had it out in the sunlight, and was making an exchange from car to car for the anemone. Heck even the base is purple!

    Now if I really wanted to get creative with photoshop, I could fairly easy put two of these pictures together, the last and the first such that the rock/coraline look perfectly normal, yet the anemone is shazzam red. So the moral of the story is, don't trust anyone who has some ultra-rare uber expensive thing for sale, and here's a picture for proof. Also when you go to buy corals, glance at the lights that they're under, I noticed a TON of blue LEDs at BAYMAC, yeah they make colors pop that may not be there if you don't have adequate blue/fluorescing lighting. Finally, be kind, rewind :D
  2. Gomer

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    pretty cool mike :-D Can you send me nems 1,2 and 4? :p
  3. Erick

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    Luckily I don't fool myself :D it looked like a normal RBTA to me.
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    I assume that the flash photo was taken using the white balance set to flash. I myself would like to try different color gels on my flash to see how my tank looks. Cool demo Mike, especially since many people don't know how white balance can affect a photo.
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    i'd pay $40 and trade it for this 5' yellow eye.

    or not.....
  8. Gomer

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    It's 5 feet long!!!! That's one hell of a deal :-D
  9. sfsuphysics

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    Yeah but my current tank is only 4 feet by 3 feet! Although according to my math knowledge he could fit if he goes corner to corner :D
  10. seminolecpa

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    The anemone of my anemone is my friend. $10

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