How to build a dual stage CO2 regulator for your ca reactor!!!

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by alanle, Mar 23, 2016.

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    That is what is happening.

    Solenoid is open, I have to open the needle valve, then the output gauge will go from 30psi down to 0 if I have reg pressure knob fully out (lowest pressure).

    Seems different than I was expecting. I though with everything turned off, the output gauge will so 0. Then I turn the pressure knob to operating pressure as shown on the output gauge. Then I turn the needle valve to adjust flow.

    Kinda like the reg on an air compressor.

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    Yes 700 - 800 is normal pressure. CO2 is actually a liquid in the tank and at room temp produces that much gas for 700psi.

    If you want to stop gas flow completely shut off the valve on the cylinder. The big green knob is for adjusting outflow pressure.
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    I've still got an old rusty chinese regulator kicking around from my 140g tank. Your regulator setups make me want to toss it in the trash and just get a new one if I decide to do with a reactor in the future!! Lol. Wow!

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