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    We never stop with the cherries. Check out what we just got in....

    - Green Bubble Tip Anemone
    - Mexican Turbo Snails
    - Peppermint Shrimps
    - Emerald Crabs
    - Tailspot Blenny
    - Purple Firefish
    - Six Line Wrasse
    - Orange Firefish
    - Lamark Angel
    - Watanabe Angel
    - Gold Head Shifter Goby
    - Orange Spot File Fish
    - Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse
    - Bicolor Blenny
    - Sohol Tang
    - Twinspot Blenny
    - Echinophyllia Aspera Chalice
    - Ultra Lobos
    - Ultra Green Bubble
    - Ultra Red Gonioporas
    - Indo Yellow Euphyllia Glabrescens! (rare!)
    - Ultra Blastos
    - Symphyllia Agaricia
    - Ultra Green Caulastrea
    - Ultra Zoanthids
    - Ultra Acan Lord
    - Rainbow Acan Lord
    - Ultra Green Duncans

    Need we say more? and that's just the beginning! We got more crazy stuff coming in tomorrow! We are expecting at least 6 more boxes of ultra stuff! WOAH!
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    What Tony said!

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