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Discussion in 'DIY' started by Fish Boss, Oct 11, 2016.

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    So I'm still setting up my 40br, and my lights just came in the mail today. I got a Mars aqua 165 watt box led. It came with some cables, so I decided to hang it from the ceiling. I didn't have a stud anywhere near the center of the tank, so I got a drywall anchor and a metal hook, installed them into my ceiling, and gave it a nice tug to make sure it was secure. I hung up my lights, but then I noticed my lights weren't perfectly parallel with tank, they were off at a 90 degree angle. I started to fiddle with the cables, then the anchor pulled out and the light went into the tank. I pulled the light out, took off the external housing, and dried it off the best I could. I'm going to give it a few days to air dry before I try turning it on to see if it still works. Lesson learned, no drywall anchors in the ceiling. So my question is, how would you mount a light on a tank that doesn't have a lid or canopy?
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    I am assuming you have a stand. For some simple tank mount you can secure two each 1/2" EMT aka (electrical mechanic tubing) conduit to stand with 90degree elbow and hang your lights off conduit. EMT is simple to cut with a hacksaw and you can purchase 90 degree elbows and not have to bend the conduit. The emt is steel so you will need to prime and paint. I used this method to hang
    a Hydra 26.
  3. Fish Boss

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    Alright that's a pretty good idea. I have a ton of pvc laying around so I might make something out of that. Anymore ideas?
  4. roostertech

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    Lol at least use a toggler bolt if you were doing the ceiling route.

    I'm planning to use projector screen mount on the wall and hang my light off there since I don't want 5ft of wires above my tank going to the ceiling.
  5. sfsuphysics

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    I did what Dudley did with metal conduit, except the painting bit, but using the anchors (U shaped dohickies you screw directly) to the stand and you can either have it high and use the cables to adjust height or mount directlt to the conduit and mofe that up and down to the height you want
  6. rygh

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    Which way do the beams go and where are they in your ceiling? (Use a stud finder)
    Use a couple of 3" #10 screws directly into the joists/beams/studs, and it will hold most anything.

    The beams are likely in the wrong spot, so you may need to screw a cross-board into the beams,
    then hang the lights from the board.
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    I've gone the route of electrical conduit; prefer 3/4" and instead of painting, I've run down to San Mateo Electronics to get heat-shrink tubing and slide it over the already bent pipe then use the heat gun to shrink it.
  8. Fish Boss

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    Thanks for all of the replies! I ended up just making a structure out of pvc, has a little bit of bending, but pretty strong overall. On a side note regarding my light, it appears my circuit or whatever you call it that the non-blue LEDs are on is fried, it won't turn on. So I was wondering, can corals survive and thrive on only 450-460 nm light?

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    It's over a 40G breeder fastened with clamps on the back of the stand.

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