My DBTC for tomorrows Frag Swap

Discussion in 'DBTC - Info and Discussion' started by zambavi, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. zambavi

    zambavi Guest

    A quick list of my DBTC giving and receiving for tomorrow....

    DBTC Giving....

    Ibn – Yellow Leather #1
    Lyn – Yellow Leather #2
    Jeepboy_90 – Yellow Leather #3
    Earthboy17 – Lavender Frilly Mushroom #1
    Badbread – Nuclear Desert Zoas #1
    Bluenassarius – Nuclear Desert Zoas #2
    Vento – Super Green Zoas #1
    Lyn – Super Green Zoas #2
    Jeepboy_90 – Green Finger Leather #1
    Fishme – Green Finger Leather #2
    Jeepboy_90 – GSP #1
    Soulfish – GSP #2

    DBTC Receiving...

    Lyn – Cespirtularia/Blue Xenia
    Lyn – Hawaiian Strombus Snails
    Alve – Blue/Purple Prostrata
    Alve – ORA Scripps Green Stag
    Alve – Acropora Microphthalma Stag
    Alve – Yellow/Green Stag
    Tapmorf – Tubs Blue Zoas
    Tapmorf – Pink Payly from Ianiwane
    Tapmorf – Idaho grape cap
    Tapmorf – Armor of God zoos
    Tanggoa – Steve Elias Stag
    Drdoolittle – C-quarium unknown
    Saltwatersig – Green Milli
    Badbread – Red Blastomussa Wellsi

    Look forward to seeing everyone there!
  2. Elite

    Elite Guest

    don't forget to bring extra container because you pick up stuff for the other guy too..
  3. zambavi

    zambavi Guest

    not to mention all my frag swap corals!!! ;). I'll have a big cooler and an extra back up cooler just in case.
  4. Elite

    Elite Guest

    Have fun after the swap ;D ..
  5. alve

    alve Guest

    Jeff, you forgot that you are also receiving the Monti Spongodes from me.
  6. zambavi

    zambavi Guest

    Thanks Aldie.... I did miss that. See you tomorrow!

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