neon goby babies in my refugium

Discussion in 'Breeding' started by gabloo, Nov 14, 2016.

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    Hello guys,

    When I was looking at my refugium today, I found some baby fish swimming around. I think they are from my neon goby pair. I don't know how they end up there. Good thing is my refugium is in separate tank. It has very low flow and may pods. However, I am not sure what to feed them nor how to care for them. Can you guys please give me some advice? Can i feed them tiny flake food?

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    You can try crushed flakes or let them be and they will eat the pods probably
  3. 650-IS350

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    You can try to feed them food for new fry.
  4. Baykes

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    Thats awesome! Congrats :)
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    Always cool
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    Very cool!
  7. gabloo

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    I guess i have bad news. I couldn't find any of them tonight :(. I hope they are hiding somewhere but my guess is they didn't make it. What should I do if I see them again or If i get new batch?
  8. In order to raise these you'll need a variety of live micro food such as S type rotifers and the like. They take a really long time to move out of the pelagic fry stage and settle out, but it can be done. I've kept them alive to about 40 days, but they need super clean water and consistent supply of food. Neon gobies were one of the first ornamental marine fish that were bred and raised in captivity.
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  9. gabloo

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    New batch is showing up my refugium. Here are a few pics that I took.



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