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    This is considered a live document and changes will be constantly made to improve it.

    Metal halide
    Ushio - single ended screw-in, Mogul base

    double ended, HQI

    Normal output
    Power compacts
    High output
    Very high output


    PAR -
    Kelvin rating - color temperature not intensity but intensity decreases as Kelvin increases

    Measuring Light Intensity with a Meter -
    Metal Halide Lighting - A brief overview -
    Comprehensive lighting article - -
    Advanced Aquarist article, “Quantitative Comparison of Lighting Technologies: Metal Halide, T5 Fluorescent and LED," written by Sanjay Joshi, Ph.D. -
    Advanced Aquarist article, “Imitating Natural Light Quality, Intensity, and Dosage in a Reef Aquarium - Do We Really Want To?” written by Dana Riddle -
    BAR forum thread, “an open ended discussion in Full Spectrum LED concepts” -
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