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Discussion in 'Welcome!' started by SlickWill613, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. SlickWill613

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    Hey folks. I'm new to the area, been working here 6 months give or take, but took the plunge and moved the family out from north GA just after the new year. Usually have to travel quite a bit for work, construction, chase the money. Enough going on around here I should be able to stay put for a year or more so I was gonna fire up a KISS nano. Had a nano for years before work started taking me on the road so frequently, had the usual ups and downs, ended up breaking down when the wife was no longer into looking after it while I was gone.
    Anyway, plans are an IM Fusion 10 with the intank basket and upgraded return with a Coral Compulsions par38.
    Big questions now. I see the LFS selection here is leaps and bounds ahead of choices in the metro ATL area. What would be y'all's "go to" choice here in San Jose? What are the must visits within an hours (weekend traffic) Drive of San Jose? Any other must see places further out?
    Also, I was planning on scaping with just one decent size rock, so best LFS with quality, cured rock? Or, if anyone on the forum has well established rock they're looking to unload I'd be willing to pay for it. I have a vision in mind so I'm gonna be pretty picky about size and shape but never know when I might get lucky.
    Ok, thanks for letting me ramble, seen some great builds while stalking the forums here. Take we easy y'all.
  2. roostertech

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    In SJ area go to shop would be Neptune Aquatics
    Short little drive to Aquatic Collections in Hayward or California Reef Co in Newark

    If you want established rock, tank breakdown happen fairly frequently, just watch craigslist.
  3. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    I'll keep an eye on CL. Thanks Rooster.
  4. Newjack

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    I'd have to 2nd Roosters store picks.
    If you had to pick one. Neptune aquatics is a must see.
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  5. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    Yeah the google reviews on NA were pretty stellar. Never can tell if the reviewers know what's really going on though, that's why I asked here. There is a spot right around the corner on Saratoga but the reviews were highly ungood.

    Also meant to mention in my earlier post that I haven't had any luck on a stand. In a small San Jose apartment, so DIY not really an option. Any ideas would be great.
  6. IM is rolling out new aluminum stands that look easy to work with for their tanks. There isn't a 10 gallon stand, but they do start with sizes for their 14 peninsula on up to the SR80.
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    Welcome to the Bay
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  8. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    Thanks, it's great here, weather is to die for. I thought traffic was bad in the metro ATL, lol.

    Also gonna make a decent BRS order in the morning for most of my dry goodies. InTank out of stock on the media basket and coral compulsion out of the bulb I was wanting. Minor hiccup. Once order arrives I'll be starting a build thread.
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  9. Gablami

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    I hear there's a 10% group buy for brs on Facebook?

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    Bummer, I don't do the Facebook.
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  11. roostertech

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    You don't need fb
    PASSWORD: fb-mar
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    Should've waited to hit that buy button. Too late for me.
  13. roostertech

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    You can still sign up and pm contact them, they'll take care of you.
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  14. OnTheReef

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    I'll add that Aquatic Collection generally has a wider and better stock of fish. Right now they also have an amazing variety of anemones and brain corals.
    Neptune Aquatics is a full-service shop, both fresh and saltwater. They even carry bulkheads, valves and fittings. It's where everyone in the south bay goes for RO/DI and saltwater too. Right now have they a very wide variety of zoas, acroporas, chalices and gonioporas.
    You should dip and quarantine everything you buy of course, but be particularly vigilant with stock from California Reef Co.
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  15. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    I hate it but QT is not going to be an option in this tiny apartment. Going to be a solo fish and I suppose I'll have to cross my fingers and rely on dips for anything else. After talking to the landlord the only place an aquarium is allowed is the kitchen. No way the wife is gonna let two kitchen tanks slide.
    On a lighter note almost everything is ordered, still waiting on intank to stock what I need. Taking a short trip to GA to renew drivers license (have to be in person for this, shitty red state laws) and tag. When I get back everything should be here and I can get started. Only things left to get are a decent powerstrip, ato resivoir, and something stealth to conceal the ato res. The older son and I are gonna check out Neptune Saturday to get the lay of the land. Looking forward to getting this rolling.
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  16. rygh

    rygh BOD

    All you need is a bucket in the bathtub for a short time.
    Look up tank transfer method. Nothing is 100%, but it is as good as most others, and very simple.
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  17. OnTheReef

    OnTheReef Supporting Member

    I have a square 5 gallon jug inside one quadrant of my IM Fusion 30L. I'll post a pic later.

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  18. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    Lol, I want an aquarium not a divorce! My wife has already put her foot down about the buckets. I know about TTM but two different containers for 72 hours... I just doubt I'd be able to talk her into it. I do suppose if I start the tank up, get a fish, use tank as QT, then fire it up with cured live rock I should be able to make something happen. Most I'd be able to do would be hyposalinity to avoid non reef safe meds. I don't know.
  19. SlickWill613

    SlickWill613 Guest

    That'd be the whole tank, the fusion 10 is a tiny one.
  20. euod

    euod Supporting Member

    I am in SF and be glad to give you whatever you need to get you tank going: corals, rock and fish. All qt and been around for years now.
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