Not DBTC perse, but still deliveries which could become DBTC :)

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    May 3, 2008
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    Sorry if I am in the wrong spot. I didn't know where else to post these deliveries. I want to make sure that everyone I promised to, gets it/them. Let me know if you will not be at the meeting.

    Pianotips- Gr. Sarcophyton, Strombus snails, (Hold for Feb. -Dyngoe's Zoas, Star polyps, Kenya tree)

    Euphyllia- Anthelia, (Hold - Gr. Star polyps)

    Vincerama- Gr. Sarcophyton

    Bluenassarius- Gr. Sarcophyton

    patchin- Dyngoes Zoas

    douchou- Dyngoes Zoas

    70Cuda- Dyngoes Zoas

    Tapmorf- Blue Xenia

    Phishphood- (Hold all for Feb pick up - Star polyp, Kenya tree, Dyngoes Zoas, Gr. Sarcophyton)

    Mckevinfang- Gr. star polyp, chaetomorpha, Gorilla N_ Zoas

    Badbread- Chaetomorpha

    Orion- (Hold Gr. Star polyps for Feb.)

    Hope that is everyone :D Let me know if I forgot anyone.
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    Jan 13, 2008
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    Wow, that is quite a list. :)

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