PLEASE HELP ME! in building a 20 gallon sump please im desparate

Discussion in 'DIY' started by reef89, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. LeviT

    LeviT Guest

    Wow, 4 modded mj 1200's in a 55... just full on all the time?
  2. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    Phong, I'll toss up pics of what I had running before I moved up here.
    3'x3'x2' cube-type tank
    400w halide
    oceanrunner 2700 return
    basic scwd
    diy 20g "sump"
    one or two mj's I think
    1 heater

    or before that, a 90g
    10g "sump"
    mag 5 return
    2x96w pc's
  3. Elite

    Elite Guest

    If you guys saying it's not expensive, can anyone tell me how much it would cost to setup at 50G reef tank? cost of the coral, fish and then the cost to maintain it?
    $200, $500 or $1000?

    I have a full time job now if I can get everything for under $1000, I'm happy. And to me that is cheap. For someone who is 18, $200 or $500 is not a small amount. When I was 18, I would be very happy if I have $50 in my wallet.

    I guess expensive or not is really depending on who you are. For me, I still think this hobby is not cheap. ;D

    Not trying to shoot you down reef89.. I'm just trying to tell you that be happy with what you have. Don't let other people tell you that your tank is not good enough. I think my tank is nice so are my sons and wife but to a lot of people it's just another tank. I guess I just didn't say it right ;D ..
  4. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    Not trying to shoot you down either Phong, just saying it's possible. I started when I was 19, in college at that:

    50g reef tank:
    30g(50g) tank- ~$30 ($50) used? Craigslist, BAR, RC etc (I started w/ a 30g)
    2x mj900-1200 ~2x$15 used
    heater ~$10? used
    2x96W pc ~$50 used (it's all just about waiting for a good deal/nice person)
    sand ~free-$20
    rock ~$50?

    Puts you at $210. Not the cheapest, but definitely a doable, all-in-one tank. Granted when I started I had free water from Scripps pier, but still, it's doable.

    Corals and fish are another $100 or so, unless you want all the high-end, LE, collector etc etc corals. I was happy with xenia, gsp, random palys, monti caps, everything that gets pif'd, dbtc'd, garbage disposal'd.

    EDIT: Just to give reef some inspiration of what you can do on a budget, here's my first tank:
  5. rleechb

    rleechb Guest

    I'm going to have to side with Phong a little bit on this one. This hobby is expensive imo/ime. You're leaving out water (RO), salt, testing equipment, fish food, fish, inverts, protein skimmer, electricity, plumbing, return pump, etc. I've been seeing a lot of reef89's threads, and I think he's going for a bit more of an advanced setup. He could go skimmerless, sumpless, etc., but that doesn't appear to be his intention. Thankfully he's got all the nice BAR guys (and girls) helping out; wish I had this kind of help when I was starting out! :)
  6. Gomer

    Gomer Honorary Member

    If money is an issue, patience can land you a really cheap setup. All you need to do is be a vulture looking for people getting out of the hobby. This is fairly common to see on RC
  7. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    Looking back at everything, I think we're all just heading in our own direction. There's cheap, and then there's high-tech advanced everything.

    I won't retract anything I've said, but won't argue towards that point any more other than seconding Gresh's quote:
    Because there is a difference between using good high end equipment and throwing every piece of tech you can get your hands on at a problem.

    Reef89- I have a 20L (30"x12"x12" or so) that you can have if you want. Just need to plug a bulkhead in one of the short sides. I've preferred longer tanks than taller tanks when dealing with sumps/fuges. Is there any way you can elaborate on how your current sump "just isn't cutting it?"
  8. reef89

    reef89 Guest

    well yeah that would be great if i can have it. where do you stay at??? i stay at sf
  9. phishphood

    phishphood Guest

    I know you stay in SF. I'll be heading up to Excelsior area tomorrow afternoon, what area are you in and what time do you get out of class? No way I'm going to give it to you if you ditch to get it.
  10. reef89

    reef89 Guest

    well i get out at 1:30 and my school is by balboa bart station....and no i wont ditch...
  11. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    reef89 you have mentioned to me on another post you live on Valencia/Duboce area?
    Then your LFS is Ocean Treasures, right? Nice place to visit from time to time, Is that the fish store you work at or did?.
    Few blocks away on S Van Ness, next or close to the gas station there's a TAP Plastics place, they have the Scrap Bin with nice sheets of plexi for a few bucks, I normally drive there to buy some when making a sump; 1/4 inch is nice but 3/8 will do it.
    Silicon has to be GE Silicon I, clear from the hardware store next to TAP Plastics on Mission and Duboce, Discount Builders Supply is the name; big place you can't miss it.
    I've put together a few sumps and feel confident in making them.
    Another thing to consider is the plumbing, drain and return. For this you'll need some cheap PVC or vinyl hose. I mention PVC because you have the option to control flow with valves and looks nice.
    Post the equipment you have, all of it so people here can help you the best possible way with that info
    PC Bulbs how many
    What Color or Kelvin
    Watts each PC or length of them
    Overflow GPH
    Return pump GPH or brand model #
    Circulation pumps/power heads
    Heather wattage

    And very important how much patience do you have? the ocean was not created in just one day
    This is a nice hobby, expensive? yep but also affordable if you go the right way.
    I like xenia so much but I had no luck with it where some people consider it a weed, some times worse than hair algae so I decided if not xenia mushrooms are ok and I like them and so some zoas and hammer/frogspawn and I'm happy with that.
    I have a friend from our Church she has an amazing tank, she gives me hammer/frogspawn whenever she needs to make room in the tank because they have grown so much, the paired clown fish guard their eggs every time they lay a new batch; well is just incredible; all she has for filtration is a Prizm skimmer, yep that only an PC lights; yet is one of those tanks people would want proof of that. It's a 55-60 gal tank she took over when her son went to college and she has cared for ever since.
    Just be patient, people here will help you.
  12. reef89

    reef89 Guest

    well do you think you can help me built one????
  13. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    yes, but I think you need to slow down on your plans, what do you need a Calcium Reactor for?
    first make sure your system is stable, make sure your corals thrive, not survive and then the reactor you may add when you and most important your tank is ready for high calcium demanding organisms.
  14. reef89

    reef89 Guest

    well ive had my tank for a year and running so its preety stabled....and i just wanted a calcium reactor because im getting corals but i want someone to help me built a sump... would you help me and when?
  15. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    I could help you this Sunday before 2:00pm, around 1:00 better
    I would hold on the Calcium reactor, if you have patience, save some money and keep an eye either on craigslist or here, you may score a good set up for cheap one member sold his reactor here for about $250 and it was the complete set.
    Still one thing at a time.
    Have you posted a list of your current equipment?
    You should so people around the bay who are willing to help you have an idea of what you have, what you can do with it and what you may need or just improve in some sort of way.
    Call me Saturday afternoon to confirm; I live behind St. Luke's Hospital, near Bernal Heights, not so far from Valencia/Duboce, your place.

  16. reef89

    reef89 Guest

    mario would you be able to help me build a canopy???
  17. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    Yup, canopy, stand, sump, plumbing but it takes time; I can not promise to build everything overnight mainly because I´m in the process of a new job, since I´m unemployed I take whatever side job comes in handy, rent is coming up.
  18. reef89

    reef89 Guest

    so do you think you would help me make my sump on sunday... because i need it asap... ill bring my tank...or if you have any long 20 gallon tank that you have laying around thant would be great... ill even pay you like 20-30 bucks to help you out too. or something.
  19. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    You don't have to pay me anything, BAR has a purpose and in exchange I would ask you to do the same in the future; just get or buy what you need for the sump. Glass or plexi (1/4" is nice) for baffles; if you buy glass make sure they polish the edges a little !!
    Silicon GE I clear
    I posted earlier the places where you can get the stuff.
  20. reef89

    reef89 Guest

    so do you think we can create on from scratch.?? like the entire box at least 30 gallons. what measurements should i get for sure sorry i just want to be clear up things unless you have a 20 gallon long tank you dont use that is long. because mines is the high tank one and it wouldnt be a great sump. thanks.

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