Poseidon PS3 External Pump ?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by xcaret, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. xcaret

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    Long shot...
    Before the craze of DC pumps, there was available on the market a small external pump line; Poseidon PS3 PS4 Titanium. These were very silent external pumps but the drawback was the heat they generated which in some cases is an advantage to have a heat source other than two or three heaters.
    Does anyone have one of those ancient pumps laying around? I might want to try it again; ideally would be the PS3 which I had eons ago but parted with it.

    PS3 Pump.jpg

    PS3 Pump2.jpg
  2. dochou

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    I might have one. Let me check.

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  3. dochou

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    I found my old one. You can have it.

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  5. rygh

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    I think I have an old one also. But seems like someone beat me to it.

    AMAZINGLY quiet.

    The body gets very hot, but there is not that much heat transfer to the water.
    The impeller side is plastic, and relatively isolated.

    I ended up putting a big old computer heat sink on it.
  6. xcaret

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    I'll look into a heat sink for it. There were four pumps in the Poseidon line, two models for flow and two for head pressure. I'm sure they are being used as paper weight nowadays.

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