Purple Haze Montipora

Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by bondolo, May 6, 2016.

Purple Haze Montipora Capricornus
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    • bondolo
      • travis furia
        travis furia
      • Vhuang168
    1. bondolo

      bondolo Supporting Member

      Originally from @yardartist this a smooth surfaced, dark purple "Purple Haze" Montipora Capricornus. It encrusts and plates in a gentle downward slope. I have grown it under T5, LED and MH and it is about the same under all of these. It even grew under refugium lighting in my sump. The colour is more pinkish if pH is low.

      I have a large colony and can break off frags almost whenever they are needed.
    2. Coral reefer

      Coral reefer President

      This is the monti cap or other? Different from Idaho grape right?
    3. corallover

      corallover Guest

      Do you have pictures? I have red Montipora Cap and would like to join if the color is different.
    4. Vhuang168

      Vhuang168 Supporting Member

      Here is my frag.


      Excuse all the green stuff. Apparently my 2 tangs, all my snails n hermits are allergic to algae.

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    5. corallover

      corallover Guest

      Thanks for sharing the pic. Looks like a little pink to me. I will take a picture of mine to see if they are different colors.
    6. corallover

      corallover Guest

      My montipora, which looks like red brown. It is attached to a magnetic base of a retired pump.

    7. bondolo

      bondolo Supporting Member

      It is quite dark purple with slight brown undertone. It does tend towards pink on the areas of newer growth.

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