Recommendation for a really red coral?

Discussion in 'Coral' started by Hondo, Jul 5, 2014.


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    Entirely species and morph dependent. Some are definitely not for beginners, but there are several that do awesome. Look for ones that are from a true aquacultured line, not ones that are chop shopped and sold as frags.
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    gaberosenfield Juvenile Chromis over an Acro in the Red Sea

    For zoas, I agree with Enderturtle. This isn't my pic, but this is exactly how my red people eaters looked with plenty of blue light in my old tank back in Texas.
    Like most corals, they look dimmer and more orange/brownish under strong daylight (6500K).
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    ATL.Hellfire. Fungia.
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    I say either Acans or zoas like magicians.. Those are the redest zoa I have in my tank atm.. If your close to me in Pacifica or willing to venture here I can give you some for a whopping price of free =). I have a frag with probably like 5 or so with blue clove polyps on it.. Let me know.. I can post a pic if needed should do great in a nano plus you get some blue as a bonus.. ( I dislike clove polyps for fear/experience of them spreading fwiw so they are off to the side waiting on a ticket out of the tank. They do look great though=)

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    Many morphs of war coral (favites) include red
  7. What type of lights do you have? That'll dictate what you can keep.
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    Hondo Guest fixture on a manual dimmer
  9. Are yours 1 or 3 watts? What's the total wattage?
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    The fixture is the original series (high output). My tank is only a 10g tank, so I didn't choose the XB series (very hight output) fixture.
  11. That makes sense. Check out a red montipora. there are some really cool options and they're not tough to keep. The caps grow quick, but might take over a 10g. I'd probably look at a digitata. You could also get some acans, but if you go that route, make sure you feed them. Of course as already mentioned, you have some reds in zoas, shroomies, and blastos, you could also try your luck with a lobophylia or spend big bucks for a scolymia. I'd avoid the gonipora they have to be fed high nutrient food to keep alive and in a 10g, I think you'll constantly battle nitrates. Good luck, and make sure to post up some pics of whatever you decide on.

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