Reef-A-Palooza 2015 Who's Going and Who Wants to Come?

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By Enderturtle on Sep 24, 2015 at 10:15 AM
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    Reef-a-Palooza is California's Largest Annual Reef Trade Show. You can usually expect awesome speakers, demonstrations, and tons of vendors.

    More info here:

    This year it will be on October 10 to October 11 at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.


    @Nav, @Ahruk, @Jay Lee and I will be carpooling down to Reef-a-Palooza this year.

    Currently we will be going on Saturday and Sunday. We will be home Sunday night.

    Tentative Schedule:

    1. Leave at 4:00AM on saturday
    2. Check out the show on Saturday
    3. Check out the show on Sunday
    4. Drive home sunday at some time
    5. Be home sunday night.
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Enderturtle, Sep 24, 2015.

    1. gimmito
      Good line up of speakers!
    2. Enderturtle
      Mike Paletta Author Of “The Modern Marine Aquarium”
      Tullio Dell Aquila- LED Lighting Pioneer
      Tony Vargas Author Of The Coral Reef Aquarium

      Neptune Systems Apex Meetup
      -They will be raffling off a Full Apex Controller
      -Free Lunch
      -Speakers = Terence Fugazzi/Paul Jansen

      Andddd my favorite part....the Vendors!

      Abyzz America
      Acrylic and Glass Exhibits (AGE)
      Advanced Acrylics
      Age of Aquariums
      AlgaGen LLC
      All Delight
      Aquarium Design Int’l (inledcoUSA)
      Aquarium Hot Deals
      Aquatic Life
      ATI North America
      Bams Reefs / Bam Corals
      Beautiful Corals
      Boyd Enterprises
      Brightwell Aquatics
      BSA Corals
      CAD Lights Aquariums
      California Aquariums
      California Coral Co.
      Clam Mania
      Central Garden & Pet (Aqueon)
      Cobalt International
      Coral Collection
      Coral Collectors
      Coral Gazers
      Coral Revolution
      CPR Aquatic
      Crystal Dynamic Auarium Mfg.
      Diablo Corals
      Digital Aquatics Dynon Instruments
      DrTim’s Aquatics
      EcoSystem Aquarium
      Exotic Frags
      Fritz Industries Inc.
      Garrett’s Acropolis
      Gryphon Corporation
      Hydor USA Inc
      Iconic Reef Company, LLC
      JBJ / Transworld Aquatics
      Kessil Lighting
      Legendary Corals
      Light House Aquatics
      Marco Rocks
      Marine Depot
      ME Coral
      Neptune Systems
      Pop Corals
      Precision Aquariums
      Real Reef Manufacturing Inc
      Reed Mariculture Inc
      Reef Brite
      Reef Lounge USA
      Reef Hobbyist Magazine
      Reefer’s Cove
      Reefkoi Corals
      Reeflo Pumps
      Rod’s Food
      Rolf C. Hagen (Fluval)
      Ruby Reef, Inc
      Sand Bar Pets
      “San Francisco Bay Brand Inc.
      Ocean Nutrition America”
      SC Aquariums
      Sea & Reef Aquaculture
      Sea Side Aquatics
      Taam / Rio / Wavepoint
      T Ball Inc.
      Tropic Marin USA
      Tropical Reef Fish Store
      Tunze USA
      Two Guys Corals
      United Pet Group / Marineland
      Unique Corals
      V20 Foods
      Valencia Pet
      VW Reefs
      Warner Marine
      World Wide Corals
      Your Reef Aquarium, Inc
      Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.

      I highlighted the ones I realllllly want to check out. Hopefully Sea and Reef has those new clowns on display!
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    3. Nav
      Michael & I also have confirmed stay for Sat night.
    4. Apon
      I maybe going again - not exactly sure on what day. Reefer and Bennet are maybes with me.
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    5. Apon
      you should do a BAR booth...other clubs have one.
    6. Enderturtle
      I will next year.

      Its free for non profit reef clubs to go and sell corals. Vendors it cost them like 800$ to set up a booth.

      Already got a bunch of corals growing out to sell as a club fundraiser.

      Not enough help this year. Selling stuff, switching people out so they can check out RAP.
    7. jonmos75
      Well......I just got the news that I get a Birthday Roadtrip with the family to reef-a-palooza (first time ever) and just got a hotel room and also signed up for the Neptune presentation ..... so excited....

      My question is this ...

      Iis it $15 for each day or is it $15 per person for the weekend.....and you buy tickets before this event or do you pay at the door????

      Thanks for the info and if you have any suggestions for an first timer please let me know....
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    8. Nav
      I'm a first timer too ;) signed up for Neptune presentation? Where?
    9. jonmos75
    10. Merith
      I'm hoping to go. Still undecided at this point.

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    11. wpeterson
      I'm super jealous, but I have a conflict with a friend's wedding and can't make it.
    12. Enderturtle
      This will be my birthday trip too :D

    13. jonmos75
      @Enderturtle I guess we will need to have a Birthday drink
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    14. jonmos75
      Does anyone have a answer to my question on ticket price $15 for the weekend or daily & when/how to purchases them?
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    15. Merith
      Last year we just got our tickets there. Was like 15 per day and there was a coupon in reef hobbyist for like 5 off or something. Ended up giving that away and going with their get in early wristband combo thing. Was more money but I wasn't about to try and stand in that line and then make it through the show.

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    16. Apon
      its $15 per day - buy at the door.

      I have been before its fun.

      Mike I will help do a booth!

      They also have a big flea market on the weekend there too so make your you go to the right entrance.
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    17. Enderturtle
      Its a little too late for a booth this year.

      Usually want some corals donated so we can raise some funds for the club. And gotta ask for a booth.

      Lets set up a booth next year for sure :D

      Ill ask ya to help out!

      But more importantly @Apon when is the Tank Tour?!

      We need something to do for October. No events happening
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    18. gcarroll
      Great to see you guys are excited to come down. We got an awesome event planned!
      We will be once again doing the early entry wristbands. I think they are $40 for the weekend.
      If you guys are wanting a booth for next year, please complete the registration as early as possible.
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    19. Apon
      tour? Waiting on SFSUphysics on when he is ready.

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