Rocky's 280g Peninsula Reef

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by GuyWalker1219, Feb 23, 2013.

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    I guess I'd be in my late 30's. :D I went to Hoover High School.
  2. Mad props for the spotlight on R2R, Rocky! You have the tenacity of a bulldog to have put in the weeks of blood, sweat, and tears buffing the acrylic to a perfect finish. Any chance you have a photo of the tank in its original state when you purchased it from the guy who kept it in his backyard?
  3. Kmooresf

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    What a great article! Congrats Guy, you did such a nice job.

    I love the final pic showing the tank in the room. Very cool. I am building a very similar canopy at the moment. Nice to see one that looks so good.
  4. denzil

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    Everything looks great! I'm happy to hear that you don't do any water changes with great results. :)
  5. Here's a pic I had taken after getting back and rinsing it out with a water hose. The guy in the photo is Brent Jenson better known as Oats in the reefing community.
  6. Hard to believe that is the same tank featured in the spotlight... Kudos for all the elbow grease that went into turning it into a show tank!
  7. JAR

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    has the LED been on this tank to grow out all that SPS?
    Nice work!
    Inspirational, and a single parent. Your making us all look bad! :)
  8. I've never had the kind of growth I get under these ToaTronic LED's. Crazy but true China Cheap LED's really work well how long they will last now thats the real question.
  9. gimmito

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    Very nice write up should be proud how far your tank has come along.
  10. JAR

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    Who cares! If it lasts 3 years (through the warranty) you are way ahead of the cost to run and replace MH.
    150 bucks! buy another one. :)
  11. My thoughts exactly.
  12. 650-IS350

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    Tanks and the corals look really sweet. Nice build.

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