Skimmer for 12 gal aquapod

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by slim_jim989, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. slim_jim989

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    Hey there I have a 12 gal aquapod and it came with a fission style skimmer that I never saw anything from. Was wondering what all people have done instead of the stock skimmer. I saw a small skimmer on marinedepot before but not sure if I can make it work any input would be good. Or I might try going skimmerless.
  2. xcaret

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    Some people go with the Sapphire/Saphire skimmers, seem like nice little things to have, I had one but can not say about performance since it was meant for a 12G and I was trying it on a 29G, sold it long ago. A HOB skimmer like Remora Nano or CPR BakPak might do a nice job on a 12G but modding of the plastic (cutting) would have to be done. I didn't want to cut the plastic hood on the BC29 so I bought the CPR SR3, decent job and fitted well inside.
  3. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    A lot of people just do water changes for a tank that small.

    I run my Aquapod skimmerless.

    I used to run a 7g Minibow and just swap a bunch of the water to/from a display tank that had a skimmer.

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