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    I am in Southern California to visit friends and family and help out with my undergrad school UC Riverside's "Grad Slam." I am one of the judges and whoever wins goes on to compete with all UCs in SF. I guess I watch enough "reality" talent contests on TV to do this...

    Vivid Aquariums - Stayed overnight with a friend close to Magic Mountain after a lobster, shrimp, and scallops dinner. Guess, I got marine animals on my mind. Took a short detour to visit Vivid Aquariums in Canoga Park to see their 800 show tank. Very nice rock work. Looked like all "Real Reef Rock". They had a crazy 4 foot ledge. I know I should have taken photos but I did not even think about it. On my way to Orange County, I got stuck in LA traffic on the 101 and it wasn't even rush hour. Passed by Vivid Entertainment off the 101 and wondered if Vivid Aquariums are connected with know coral p@&n ;)o_O:p:eek::D

    Undersea World - Just got in touch with this supplier will check out their LAX facility on the way to drive back to the Bay Area next week.
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    Yeah, the times I've been in the LA area (while a reefer) I've been to literally 1 store, and it was a crappy store (pre-cell phone days so just literally went driving until I found one). Never have had the time to just go to a store, I think the area is so spread out that it makes going to stores difficult in general, kind of like flying into SFO and asking about which stores to go to... yeah not many near the airport and you're looking at a hefty drive to find the.
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    Thank God for Waze! But even if I can plan an itinerary based on my non-reefing appointments, the traffic down here is horrendous all day. Every time I go down here, I realize that Bay Area traffic is not too bad.
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    I don't trust Waze much anymore, once in SoCal it had me jump on another freeway that went way out of the way and then back onto the same freeway I was on. Ok maybe there was traffic that I have yet to hit, so it did good. But then I was going to the SF Kaiser hospital, and holy shit that thing took me through some backward ass direction to get there. There is no way it was the fastest route. So I think Waze has it out for me personally, thinking I like to take the scenic route!
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    Maybe you should check your settings :) on wave might be set to avoid freeways

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    Well in San Francisco there are no freeways, so that's irrelevant :D

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