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  1. Norcalhkr

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    So after the wife gave the thumbs up for a reef tank again after years without having one. I have been going hog wild on research and I think I am finally to some decision points. Granted I still have to source a lot of these items but I have actually begun to get a realistic list together... Here it goes, again this is more to help me get organized as well as take suggestions from those of you who know more than me when it comes to reef tanks.

    Purpose: Create a Mixed reef tank with a slightly more aggressive population that can support SPS when I am able to keep tank parameters stable enough long enough, or they will be the very first thing in... :bigsmile:

    (subject to change as my wallet and wife (SWMBO) permit)

    Tank A:
    Tank, Stand Canopy
    • 125 gallon (72x18x22) corner overflow, double piped with return at the oposite end
    • Wood Stand (72x18x36)
    • Wood Canopy (72x18x16)

    • Internal Tank Goodies
      • 2" sand bed of Fiji Pink - 100 pounds
      • 120 pounds of real reef or simular - I really don't want another pistol shrimp, he was a pistol to catch
      • 2 Tunze Turbelle® nanostream® 6055
      • Might add more pumps if needed, Tunze site thinks above is enough

        • 6 foot SunBrite LED Fixture

          Tank B:
          Tank, Stand Canopy
          • 150 gallon (48x24x24) center overflow
          • Wood Stand (48x24x36)
          • Wood Canopy (48x24x16)

          • Internal Tank Goodies
            • 2" sand bed of Fiji Pink - 120 pounds
            • 150-200 pounds of real reef or simular - I really don't want another pistol shrimp, he was a pistol to catch
            • 2 Tunze Turbelle® nanostream® 6055
            • Might add more pumps if needed, Tunze site thinks above is enough

              • 5' Sunbrite LED Fixture

              Common to Both Tanks

            • Below Tank Goodies
            • Apex Controller
            • Tunze Autotop Off
            • Home Made Sump/fuge combo (trying for 36" tank but will depend on what is available
            • Mag 12???
            • Tunze Silent for reactors
            • Carbon and GFO reactors
            • Super Reef Octopus XP 2000 External Cone Skimmer Specifications: SRO-XP2000 External
            • 2 part doser, might go 3 to get magnesium
              heater and or chiller depending on how hot the tank gets on its own

            Anticipated Fish Load

            Dwarf Lion - I know it will eat anything that will fit in its mouth but I like them
            2 Powder Blue Tangs - Added together
            Medium to Large White Stripe Maroon Clown
            Coral Beauty Angelfish
            Yellow Tang
            Blue Tang
            Sail fin Tang
            Any Suggestions?

          Clean-up Crew

          Red Brittle star
          Blue Star
          Any hermits if the live after the lion fish meets the tank
          If I am missing anything just yell

        Softies (highly subject to change...)

        Zoo Garden
        Tree Coral (Cool Colors)
        Lavender Mushrooms
        Long Polyp Leather - Hope the clown might treat like an anemone if the leather gets big enough
        More suggestions for cool softies that are geared towards beginner


      Pink Birds-nest
      Brain Coral
      Candy Canes
      Acros if I can grow them well... last atempt was not great but also not set for success

    Please feel free to comment, suggest, tear apart etc. as I am hoping to get any headaches out of the way before we start the tank. This is an intensive hobby that I have been out of for a while and can't wait to get back into although this time it will be slower to make sure everything has the best chance possible.
  2. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    First I welcome you to our place in space. We are a wealth of information. But thus far I've guesstimated that we've already saved you more than $20. We would not be here if we all did not pay our club dues. To be blunt...if you can afford the reef tank you can splurge the $20 to be a full fledge member. We want you to. I want you to. And you want to, too :)
  3. Norcalhkr

    Norcalhkr Guest

    As soon as I buy my first piece of equipment I will for sure get my membership especially given all of the meetings and swaps... I just want to make sure I end up in the hobby first ;-)

    You never know what strange events could keep this madness from coming to fruition. I really wish there was a prorated version as well since we are so close to the end of the year and it will probably be january before I am able to start my tank :(
  4. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Water flow seems rather low with just 2 nanostreams on a 150G tank.

    I would suggest you use the same exact equipment for both tanks.
    Simplification on purchases, spares, etc.
    For example, same size lights.

    Your bio-load seems high with all those fish + a lion.
    Not bad, but when combined with all those corals, make sure you plan a bit
    for extra nitrate issues.

    My opinion : Consider two completely separate system. One FOWLR, and one Mostly-Reef.
    It makes the water quality issues easier.
    Plus you can add Angelfish.
  5. Norcalhkr

    Norcalhkr Guest

    That was my old set up, a fowlr and a reef but I don't think the wife will go for it this time. I might forgo the dwarf lion but I would really like one... Although it does mean no really cool smaller fish...

    As for flow I was kind of wondering about the nano streams might have to go with the streams or mp40s if I can pick them up on the cheap

    As for bio load on a 150 gallon tank, what would be acceptable number of fish and corals, obviously not all of these fish would be added at once, probably a month apart. The only reason I ask is I see people with much smaller tanks running huge loads?

    Again not 100% tied to the lion but I do miss them
  6. gimmito

    gimmito Guest

    I echo the other sentiments. Two Tunze 6105's would work better in each tank or two mp40's. I would look into adding two 1" Sea Swirls for your returns. Mag's can add heat + eat up electricity, you might want to consider water blaster pumps by Coralvue. BRS makes dual reactors for carbon/GFO. Look into Tropic Eden sand...great stuff.

    Good luck with the build !
  7. Norcalhkr

    Norcalhkr Guest

    This thread has been switched to a build and it is about time... over 21 weeks since creating the portion of this thread. You can follow the build here if interested

    120 gallon Build Thread

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