T12 NO Lighting Question

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by GDawson, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    I’m not happy with the amount for blue/actinic light in my tank. Corals moved from the main/LED tank to the nano with 2x03 actinic T5s are showing much better florescence to begin with and looking even better after a couple of weeks.

    First choice - I have the original; strip light for the main tank and was wondering if there’s a 48” NO T12 actinic or “Purple Plus” like bulb available. I could just lay the strip light behind the LED units and have it start up at the same time to give a better colour to the water/corals? Or will the bulb given its output not make much of a difference? Other suggestions?

    Second Choice - Would a single strip of Reef Brites be able to just lie across the tank top without a canopy/mounting (open top tank…the LED unit’s now just sit on two perpendicular rails)?

  2. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    What happens if I put a HO or VHO T12 in a normal strip?

  3. BigMac

    BigMac Guest

    You mean like a normal t12 base?

    Duuno never tried it.
  4. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    I have my 48" reef brite sitting on top of my open top 48" tank. Works great for me
  5. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    Yeah....a normal T12 base.

  6. tuberider

    tuberider Guest

    You'd most likely need to add a fan, especially if the fixture is ABS, if it is it will warp. Also, the bulb life may be greatly shortened if you have it in a sealed unit as the heat will fry it.

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