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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by tankguy, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Im finally getting around to do this. About a year ago I was only running a 29 Bio Cube with pc lights. Im in a small 1 bedroom apt so not a ton of room to work with. Ive upgraded to a 75. Picked it up used in Foster City. It is not a drilled tank and its sps heavy. I had MH's for awhile and thanks to Kris (kmooresf) Ive switch to LED's. I have a hob filter (remora) and I removed one of the filters to run chemi-pure elite. Pics to come once I figure it out
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    Pics or it never happened. ;)

    Use photo bucket and once you download your pics copy the image code and then paste directly into your reply.
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    Sps is my favorite type of coral. So many more pics need to be taken. Here is a short list of my Acro's
    Cali Tort
    Strawberry Shortcake
    Tri Color Acro
    Orange Digi Acro
    Raseberry Lemonade Acro
    Shades of Fall Acro
    Bubble Gum Millie
    Rainbow Millie ( 2 types )
    Blue Millie
    Birds Nest
    Red Planet Acro
    Red Tabling Acro
    Yellow Nausata ( sp? )
    Pink Jade ( which has turned colors since switching from Halides to LED's
    and a few other just ordinary Acro's , some of which have no name.
    Purple Stylo
    Miami Orchid
    Zoa's & Palys
    Devils Armor
    Red Hornets
    Purple Hornets
    African Blue Hornets
    Tubbs Blue
    Acan's 4 different ones
    Seasons Greetings
    Orange Cap
    Open Brain
    Red/Green Favia
    Meteor Shower
    Clams (2)
    and a few others I dont know there names. All Chalices are in Kris's tank recovering. A huge thanks for his help in saving them
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    That's some nice pics Bob ! I think you should make the spotted mandarin your avatar.
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    Wow looking great, I love your Z and P's! :)
  8. denzil

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    Awesome fish and corals!
  9. Huzzah, you've got a journal going!

    What happened to the clownfish? Please don't tell me they all jumped!
  10. Coral reefer

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    Not gonna list the ORA red table? Kidding. I def saves the atl bonsai if you want it again
  11. tankguy

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    I was putting this together while doing a few other things. Some corals got missed but I'll add them. More pics coming. Yes mike that would be great. Tabling acro doing very well. David - all clownfish doing great as well.

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