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Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry' started by sfsuphysics, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Ok let me throw this out here, I have never found a magnesium test kit that I like and by like I mean one that actually changed color/gave me results. And phosphate has been 'so so' where simple ones have a huge range for the smallest amount (i.e. 0 to 0.25 ppm).

    Now I recall reading a ReefBuilder article about water testing machines, and I seem to recall there was at least one bay area LFS that was demoing it, for like a buck a test you're good to go. Did that die out a long time back or what? Or any LFS do testing, even for a cost, I ask because frag swap I'll be in range of a few stores I normally don't get anywhere near, and I could bring a sample of water.

    Also any recommendation on a magnesium test kit? preferably something simple, whenever test kits require a specific amount of a reagant be added with a spoon and that spoon is super tiny I feel like I can not get any sort of accurate results (even if I were to get results), my last one had me adding drops until it changed color, I passed 2500 ppm before I just gave up on the kit).
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    Triton was not what I had in mind, although I did think about it, while nice if I wanted the gambit of EVERYTHING, I was looking for a couple tests in particular.

    Crap let me search through RB's site.
    Here Thrive water lab! Looking at the list of stores it seems there aren't any bay area locations, I could have sworn a bay area store was on the list of stores having it, perhaps they simply did the beta test and after that was over they were unwilling to pay for it (or it took money from them since you wouldn't pay for their bread and butter, marked dry goods :D)
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    Have you tried the red sea pro magnesium test kit and the Hanna HI 713 phosphate checker? Those have worked well for me so far. I'm not sure how accurate the magnesium test kit really is, but I have tested the Hanna phosphate checker against a standard I made and it was pretty close (within the margin of error I probably made when diluting the standard). I know that isn't what you asked originally, but I thought maybe it would help.
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    Thanks Gabe, and yeah I have tried the Red Sea magnesium test kit quite a few years back and couldn't get anything off it. Not sure if it was user error or a testkit that was on a LFS shelf well past it's expiration date but that one didn't work out.

    As to the Hanna checker, I don't have any experience with those electronic checkers, but what I've read has been kind of off and on, for every on review like you, there's usually an off review and maybe the person hyper critical about accuracy it is something I have to take into account.
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    I can test w the Hanna for you mike. Also have the Red Sea mg test.
    I believe it was aquarium concepts in Dublin that was on the list of stores that were supposed to have that testing Machine. Haven't been there in years so not sure if they have it or not

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