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  1. I bought the cd..good compilation. Hahaha no ones too old unless you got a walker with tennis balls. Besides any one who listens to Raekwon,Meth, Rza,Jza,GhostfaceKilla, ODB, and the rest of the killa bees is aint nuthin to F$ck with. BAReefers is all about CREAM.
  2. haha I just realized the line ...hahahaha I never figured peeps here would be listening to the Wu. Hahahaha nice one. Hahahaha sorry man..
    Check this Link Tube:
  3. Hehe I tried to make it look like it, unfortunately I had to get rid of my percs cuz they bite me all the time I dip my hand into the tank, and they don't even have an anemone to call home. My Tomato never bit me so it is the only clown I have in the tank. I might swap my clown for some false percs next time. we'll see.
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    He speaks the truth about the power of Hip Hops influence on culture, "and they don't even know it", so damn true. everyone together all warm and fuzzy :)

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