Tony made me do it- my DBTc stats

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    Man I am lame. I think I must not have added a bunch of stuff because threads were already going.


    Acan't believe its not butter Acan Gomer blue nassarius
    Monti setosa cwolfus waskat
    Seminole Burning Spear Acro sulcata jkreefer xinumaster
    Tyree Bali Tricolor Mr. Ugly xinumaster
    Paletta lovelli tuberider ibn
    Sunset Monti ibn Lordhelmet
    Blue Tipped Tenuis otterpop zivic2play
    Random Cool Acro from My Tank Lordhelmet Dyngoe Mr. Ugly
    Acro insignis saltwatersig alve
    Monti Vietnamesis LordHelmet rekonn alve
    Acropora Efflorescens Ugliest otterpop Mr. Ugly raddogz TimTen
    Montipora Peltiformis Mr. Ugly Thales Levi Ibn
    Red Blastos fishme Ibn
    Acropora Millepora no takers (colony put in swap)
    Tubs Blue Zoas data lost
    AOG zoas data lost
    Idaho Grape monti data lost
    Reddish orange Abro pending
    The I got it before Ian Aussie Green Blue Favia pending
    Baby's Breath Favia pending
    Aussie Reverse Prism Favia pending
    Pastel War and Peace Favia pending


    Favia Matthai Mr. Ugly returned
    Indo superman monti Mr. Ugly returned
    Kongs Eye Favia IBN returned
    Aussie red/blue micro IBN returned
    Lyng Sy Cap Mr. Ugly returned
    Purple Haze Monti xinumaster returned
    Aussie Acan iani returned
    Money Green Micro blue nassarius returned
    Fireman Monti tuberider return attempted
    FAD tuberider
    Pink Lime Jade Northbay reefer close
    Miami Hurricane Chalice brianbigoats slow grower
    Neils Tort tuberider deceased
    Pink Lemonade vapormd mild problem still growing
    Brick red Chalice saltwatersig close
    Micro C ibn new
    Tylers Spiderman Echino gomer new
    Mikes No Name Acan sfsuphysics new
    Blue Matrix dr. doolittle new
    Toxic Candy Micro blue nassarius new


    Favia Matthai gomer saltwater sig
    Indo superman monti gimmito jkreefer alve
    Lyng Sy Cap gomer Lord Helmet
    Purple Haze Monti Levi oriental Express
    Aussie red/blue micro vapormd saltwatersig
    Money Green Micro Levi Roc
    Aussie Acan Paradox Gomer
    Kongs Eye Favia IBN Levi
    Elkhorn monti otterpop
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    I never expected others to follow, but for those who have, you make me proud!

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