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Discussion in 'Website' started by Ranjib Dey, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. Ranjib Dey

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    Hive minds,
    I am working on the website to fix a handful of things. As most of you have noticed there are couple of rough spots in the website UI that is not working (page navigation links, About BAR and other links on the side panel etc), other than these un-accessible of broken links there are few meta information pages (like BOD for example) that are stale needs content update, and finally there are few behind the scenes updates/upgrades we have to do for our website server.
    This is a "for your information" post around that. I'll be updating & fixing as many of these as I can in this and next month, so expect smaller changes (UI, the content of meta posts). This should not impact site accessibility for the worse. If there are any scheduled downtime, I'll communicate ahead (alongside looping in BoD before hand) .

    I'll also request you for providing any feedback you may have regarding our website.
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  2. JVU


    Thank you, much needed!
  3. tankguy

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    Good job Ranjib
  4. Ashalye

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  5. Gablami

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    Glad you’re taking this on. Thank you!

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  6. Newjack

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    looking nice so far
  7. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    Thanks so much!
  8. jonmos75

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    Thank you for this announcement and taking this on. I have give some input at the BAR events to you, so I will wait until you have done some of these changes as you were aware of the issue I was seeing and probably already have them on the to-do list.
  9. coral4me

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    Thanks Ranjib!!!
    It's Looking Good!

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