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    Hello Everybody,

    I know I've been asking a lot of questions so I figured I should introduce myself and the tank I've been building. My names Viet and have been keepin fish for as long as I can remember, all freshwater though. The 135 I'm building was originally a saltwater tank that my brother built with a crushed coral bed and the then top of the line lifeguard system. It then became a freshwater tank that held a 2.5 foot Arowana that I had for 10 years. Moved out 5 years ago, planned on starting a saltwater aggressive until I saw a few friends reef tank. I went through 5 smaller tanks up until the current 38 I have. (Yea, I know I worked backward from smaller to bigger) Recently moved into a small place and couldn't bring the 38 here so decided to hook up my dad's tank (give me a another reason to visit my folks). Was plannin on piecing it together slowly using parts from my 38 but then the deal for that 120 on CL came around. Crappy deal about that was he was foreclosing his house and needed it out like the very next weekend but he was going to be gone Thursday to Monday on a business trip. I asked him for the dimensions of the tank so I could build a stand for it but he didn't get back to me until Monday when he got back which caused me to lose a weekend building the stand (I should have just assumed it would have had the extra .5 inch trim but wasn't sure cause he had it in wall).

    Sorry this is getting long, fast forward a bit. Started to build the stand for my 135 and is now 85% complete. I still have the doors to complete. Having right tools (table saw, miter saw, Lowe's free cutting service) definitely made it easier, especially with the 45 degree cuts. I was stoked when my Dad wanted to help but at the same time scared due to old school Asian Quality Control. I had originally intended for the stand to be darker finish but my Dad wanted a lighter more natural finish so you can see where I drilled the plywood to the frame. Had I known he was going to take over (which he basically did because he knew I would have made it darker), I would have done a better job on hiding the screws. Sorry the pictures are not to clean (took it with my Treo) but hope to have more pics soon.

    I'll be running:
    Mixed Reef
    2 - 250W MH
    PC Actinic Supplmental
    Mag 12 Return
    CPR CS102 Overflow
    Coralife Skimmer until I get the new Impellar for the Euro Reef (unless I should just stick with the Coralife
    55 Gallon Sump
    200lbs of live rock that I'll eventually trim down

    Tomorrow, I plan on moving all the livestock from the 120 into the 135 and get it up and running.

    Also attached a picture of the 38 that I've kinda let go since building the 135.

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    nice growth!
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    Hey All,

    I'm not that great with the whole picture taking and documenting what's going on but here's the tank so far with the 38 and 120 combined. HELLA rocks so far and will be taking them out to re-aquascape.

    As for the second pic, is this a Long Tentacle (left) and Ritteri (right) anemone?

    Last 2 pics are the clowns my mom picked from Aquatic Gallery....Buy one Get one for Mother's day....sweet (I had no idea she'd fall in love with the clowns)!


    Attached files /attachments/sites/default/files/IMG_5747.JPG /attachments/sites/default/files/IMG_5751.JPG /attachments/sites/default/files/IMG_5754.JPG /attachments/sites/default/files/IMG_5756.JPG
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    looking good.. look like you still have a lot of room for corals :D ..
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