Water Management in an Urban Apt

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by dmhinsf, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I concur I've done all the above so definitely you are not alone on this boat.

    Filling five gallon container (empty salt pail or square jugs) - put them in the sink. Keep waste water line tucked under the five gallon container. All of this helps if you have a double sink. If you do you can crimp the the waste water line a little bit and see if fits into the strainer hole portion of the sink.

    Never ever ever ever leave the apartment if you are filling up the container with RO/DI - murphy's law always says there is something that will go wrong.

    Draining the tank - stand there and hold the hose (I've walked away) and it's flooded

    Not sure how big the tank is - if you're filling a lot of water (5g or more) consider using a pump and tubing to pump the water back into the tank (yes, you still have to stand there).
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    Thanks, Eileen.

    All great advice and sage wisdom. I do have the benefit of an extra sink - I have three total in my kitchen - one was meant for a wet bar but is now a sink for all things aquarium.

    I also cram the waste line in the drain strainer. Check!

    And I use a pump and tubing to feed water from my salt bin to the tank. Standing there and holding the damn hose is where I go wrong. And I left the apt the other day and yes - FLOOD. Live and learn.
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    Float Valves are your friend.
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    Till one day they turn on you. None of mine have ever out right failed, but its pretty common for them to fail under certain situations like constant high water pressure. When I replaced my last one I did so due to a slow leak.
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    In an apartment situation I'm not taking that risk with a float valve - too much water I can forsee dumping on my downstairs neighbor and the possibility just scares me renter's insurance or not

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