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Discussion in 'Photography' started by finalphaze987, May 15, 2008.

  1. So im torn between two different model cameras and cant decide. I'm looking at the A200 and the A350. There's only a $200 price difference and im trying to figure out if its worth spending the extra $$...any of you guys have any suggestions which i should go with? The A200 is the body and the standard kit lense vs. the A350 with the standard kit lense and a 55-200mm telephoto lense. Any input would be appreciated. TIA.
  2. Gomer

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    so basically $200 for a 55-200 lens?

    If it is a quality lens it is definitely worth it assuming you will use it for your subject matter. There are two big ifs there.
  3. Ibn

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    Not worth the $200 for the lens. You're actually paying for about 4 extra MP between the two camera. Is that really important? Only if you really print large (say larger 2' x 3' or larger). If not, save that money and put it towards a bigger memory card, tripod, and additional accessories.

    Also, why Sony?
  4. iani

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    Eric I think he explained it before. haha. His father? works for sony.
  5. Ibn

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    Ah, I see. I missed that post.
  6. i would like to be able to blow up some pics later on down the line, but wasnt sure how big i would be able to get with the 10 mp A200..

    I looked into other brands before, but it came down to me choosing between the nikon D40 and the sony a350 with the $ i was looking to spend.
  7. Ibn

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    10MP gets you some decent size enlargements. I've made 2'x3' w/a 6MP D70 before. With 10MP, you'll get up to poster size pretty easily. Not sure how big you really want to go.

    The other thing to consider is size of the images w/higher megapixel cameras. You'll have to spend more time processing them and finding the computer space and power. I would say that most people won't even need the extra resolution of 10MP; 8 MP and that's about it (e.g. canon 20d).
  8. how was the quality of the 2'x3' you did with the 6MP? if thats the case, what lense would you recommend for some nice macro shots? :D

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