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Discussion in 'DBTC - SPS' started by bluprntguy, Apr 27, 2014.

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  1. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    Description: I picked this one up at AquaExotic a few months ago. It was definitely yellow with purple polyps at the store, but it looks more yellow-green in my tank. Grows with a thin loose wavy structure. Super fast grower and very hardy. Good for beginners or anyone with an SPS tank. I'm not sure I have a photo, but the colony is in the latest video at my build thread.

    Placement: Lower
    Lighting: Medium
    Flow: Moderate – Strong

    1. Must be a BAR Member.
    2. Must give frags to at least three members before selling/trading it.
    3. Pickup in San Francisco or at next BAR meeting.
    4. If my colony dies, I get first dibs on a new frag.
    I have 3-5 frags to give away, so the first three people to respond will definitely get them. More may be available.
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  2. HiFidelity

    HiFidelity Guest

    I would love to grab one, going to be in SF in about an hour and sticking around for an hour or so (visiting another Bar member) :)
  3. Devon

    Devon Guest

    Would you mind setting aside frag of that for me as well?
  4. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    Just saw this. Shoot me a PM if you are still around and want to pick it up. I'm around all afternoon.

    No problem.
  5. nly04

    nly04 Guest

    I want one too if still available. Lmk. Thx.
  6. Nav

    Nav Director of Marketing & Photography

    Me too, if any left?
  7. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    Guaranteed frags for you guys! PM me and let me know if you want to pick them up of if I should bring them to the next meeting.

    I think there is still one more frag in the sump.
  8. HiFidelity

    HiFidelity Guest


    Wanted to say thanks again and share a pic of the frag 2 days later, was wondering if this is normal PE based on how it was doing in your tank?

  9. bluprntguy

    bluprntguy Webmaster

    It looks like the underside has pretty good PE to me, a little more difficult to tell on the side to the left.

    All my SPS are retracted right now due to all the dying hair algae that is flying around the water column. When you saw it in my tank it was probably locked up tight.
  10. HiFidelity

    HiFidelity Guest

    Phone pic, when I shot it I was surprised I could even see polyps haha
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