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Discussion in 'Coral' started by jacuzzi, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. jacuzzi

    jacuzzi Guest

    So I was talking to another BAR member looking to trade some zoas and I asked if he liked any of my all yellow zoas that i have had for about 5-6 months. He said that that zoas had gone melty on him a couple times so out of curiosity I inspected mine further and realized they were slowly dissapearing from comparing past pics. What I see is that they close mostly, expell their zooxanthellae and then melt away. So I began dipping in Revive but that only seems to slow the process slightly. Kinda frustrating cause 90% of my zoas tank thrives the other 10% seems to slowly dissapear. Is there anything i can do?
  2. northbay-reefer

    northbay-reefer Honorary Member

    It sounds like somekind of infection, I have done fresh water dip in the past and it works for me so you might want to give it a try. Make sure the fresh water is at the same temp and PH.
  3. Tamazula

    Tamazula Guest

    I've had the exact same thing happen to me. All (most) zoas in the tank are perfectly happy except my Eye of Ra and they've slowly (over like, 5 months) melted into very small sickly looking zoas. Can't figure it out. The only other Zoa issue I had was my Tub's Blues closed for a long time but they just wanted some more light- I moved them and they are doing ok now.

    northbay, how long of a dip did you use?
  4. northbay-reefer

    northbay-reefer Honorary Member

    I dip them for about 5-10 minutes, shake them and use a baster.
  5. jacuzzi

    jacuzzi Guest

    just dipped them in R/O for about 5 mins a piece. Should I repeat it at any point? Should I use the revive at all anymore?
  6. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    If the zoas are on a rock, check if the rock/zoas smell bad. Sometimes dead sponge or stuff in the rocks can affect your zoas.

    Also, zoas can close if you don't get enough aeration of the water. If they stay closed for a long time, they can start disappearing.
  7. jacuzzi

    jacuzzi Guest

    Just did a Furan 2 dip for 20 minutes on each of the three affected colonies. Before I have have tried Revive, and freshwater dips to no avail. Crossing my fingers... I'll post pics later of the most affected colony and update what happens. I don't know if i should wait a few days or dip again tomorrow, any thoughts? Also I am running carbon is that ok?

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