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  • Hey Bruce ,
    I’m in a Dyer need of a QT tank for 9 fish. My Achilles Tang is looking I’ll and I think it’s ich which means all the fish gotta come out. Not sure what happened havnt added any fish in over a year. Any how, if you have something laying around I would appreciate it.
    Thanks buddy talk with you soon. Jason
    I have volunteered to have the first board meeting at my home in Oakland. Any day of the week works for me. Just let me know when and what time and I will schedule it. We need to be flexible so more than one date might make it easier to schedule. Thanks!
    How much will you be asking for it? I need to do a bit of research on it, but I may be interested. You going with a different AOI 80 gallon?
    Hi, I bought a jbj 45 gallon rimless 2 months ago and have decided its not big enough for me and have bought an 80 gallon to move into. I'm going to be selling the jbj 45 in about a month, if your interested. Its not innovative marine but it is a rimless and an all in one tank. Its a very nice tank, I really like it just want bigger. Let me know if you are interested. It is the tank and stand.
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