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    What’s going on with this Monti?

    Cool, thought it looked like worms but never seen in smack in the middle of a coral
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    What’s going on with this Monti?

    My son picked out this coral (I would have picked a different one but in an effort to get him excited, I let him pick). There’s two clearly larger holes and during the day today there’s been little tentacle like things stick out. Never seen this on my monti’s so thought I’d ask before it...
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    Baby Bounce!

    Nice little surprise there. Also, thanks for the other top-down pics!
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    Just joined BAR

    Welcome to BAR!
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    3rd time's a charm 85g Rimless tank

    how do you like the Powrui's wifi feature?
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    DBTC: Miyagi Tort

    I'll be at CFM if there's still a frag available!
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    DBTC: Miyagi Tort

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    Coral Farmers Market - CFM February 8th

    Tell me when to arrive.
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    Coral Farmers Market - CFM February 8th

    I can help on Saturday. Let me know when I could be helpful
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    2020 SF Tank Tour?

    Looks like fun. Wish I could make it but with kids and company in this week, had to pass.
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    Can you ID this SPS frag?

    Agree with Treylane, exactly what I was thinking
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    Gem Tang (and others) Information

    Very cool this is more common now. I thought the same thing about “only 240” thinking these things were 1000s for years
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    DBTC: BC Rainbow in Spain

    Anyone have one in South Bay? Cool coral!
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    New to reefing

    Welcome to BAR! You’ll find a lot of great people willing to help here and resources to keep you motivated and learning about the hobby.