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    90 gallon tank upgrade

    Right on @reef89 ! Glad you liked it. Here are some additional pics: Also, here are some before pics.
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    TM all for reef

    No problem. Let me know.
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    TM all for reef

    I have a 3/4 full bottle you can have if you like. Located in Vallejo. Benicia during the day.
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    Refugium Livestock

    What’s up B.A.R. I just recently setup a 50 gallon stock tank as an external refugium. I plan to keep Macro Algae on the right side and some Mushrooms and couple other softies on the left side. Left side is running an A80 and the right side is going to be running a H80. I have 2 Tupperware...
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    Flattening screen

    The trick I used when I did mine was get one side first and follow the line in the screen evenly with the spline tool. Then for the next side I stretched screen out taut, noted the line in the screen where the spline would go on top and then just kept feeding the screen from the side following...
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    External Refugium Lighting Options

    The freshwater one?
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    Fairy wrasse

    Still available?
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    External Refugium Lighting Options

    what do you think of some live sand instead? i want to use some type of substrate. Do you have pics of how yours is setup? Would love to see.
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    Eb832 fun!

    Oh ok. You go some pics of how you set it up?
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    External Refugium Lighting Options

    Any problems with not separating the softies from the macro algae? I wanted to try and keep all my rock on the right side and then have layer of miracle mud on the left side with all the macro algae and softies.. not a lot of softies, just some mushrooms in cages and some gorgonians.
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    External Refugium Lighting Options

    Thanks, i have an XR30 G3 Pro that i plan to use for my frags in my sump under my tank. The fuge will just be some Mushrooms, Gorgonian and various macro algae.
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    External Refugium Lighting Options

    It is somewhat of a sump too... It will house my UV Sterilizer, CaRx and Chiller. The protein skimmer will still be in my sump under the tank. i just want to free up space under my tank and also use the middle refugium chamber to house my frags. I am tired of the frag racks on the front of my...
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    External Refugium Lighting Options

    Tub is a shallow 50 gallon. It is 12" deep and the water level will be about 9.5".
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    Aquaforest Reef Salt discontinued? Now what?

    I got a bucket of it that is pretty much full that you can have. I tried it on a nano i had setup and decided to just stick with reef crystals. I'm in Vallejo and you're more than welcome to come pick it up if you like.
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    Fritz salt help!!!

    I was pro Fritz salt for years. For the last year of using Fritz (blue box), i started noticing inconsistencies in the salt mix. I finally switched to Reef Crystals and i haven't looked back.