20 gallon long AIO nano reef

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by monkeybiz, May 3, 2013.

  1. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    So I have a very low bioload currently with Chaeto and some red dragons breath. I also have been running a eshopps hob skimmer rated for 100 gallons on my 20 gallon tank. Should I turn off the skimmer and run it a few days out of the week?
  2. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    No. Leave it on
  3. denzil

    denzil Webmaster

    Dragon's Breath looks pretty cool!
  4. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    Finally got a chance to clean the glass and get a picture of the two frags I picked up at the Benicia frag swap. Bam bams and sunny d.


    It was a nice setup, flea market style. But I was there right when they opened so things hadn't quite opened up yet and not all the vendors were there yet. So next time I'll set aside more time to hang out. I heard it might become a once a month thing.
  5. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    my girlfriend had to attend a dental convention at the moscone center in the city so after dropping her off i headed off to check out some fish stores. i stopped 6th st aquarium and lucky ocean aquarium. 6th st hasn't changed much from the last time i visited 3 years ago. they had some big zoa colonies for 29.99.

    i then drove over to lucky oceans and found a small green and white speckled bubble tip anemone for 15.99. couldn't really see them all to well since the containers weren't clear. they must have came into the store pretty bleached because we (the sales guy and i) were both surprised at it's nice coloring when he bagged it.

    i aclimated it when i got home and put it in a makeshift breeder cup with my baby clown fish.

  6. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    I came home yesterday and the temp on my tank was up from 79 to 83. I through in some frozen ice packs followed by frozen water bottles.

    The undata frag doesn't look to good and the beta is closed up. Hope everything else pulls through.
  7. Pudgedafish

    Pudgedafish Guest

    Dang what caused the spike in temps?
  8. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    It was really warm that day and I didn't get home till real late. I usually through a frozen bottle of water in when I notice the temp rising.

    Thinking about getting a reef keeper lite and a small clip on fan to help keep the tank cool when I'm away.
  9. DeeAnnMG

    DeeAnnMG Guest

    Love the video. I hope everything makes it through the temp spike.
  10. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    everything stayed closed for about a week after the tank spike, but i found that it may have been stray current in the tank that was bothering all the corals. a bare strip of the led strip i was using for moonlighting was coming in contact with the water. after i fixed that most of the corals opened back up within a couple days.

    unfortunately my new bta had let go of the rock it was on over night and ended up in the skimmer intake.


    it wasn't looking to good by the time i found it in the morning. i was running late for work so i unplugged the skimmer and figured i'd give it a chance to crawl out. this is how it looked by the time i got home.


    i could see that it managed to get about half it's foot out from the slits in the intake and it's tentacles were inflated a bit even though it's mouth was open. i removed the intake grate and placed it in a low flow low light area of the tank.

    it finally managed to get completely out about 4-5 days later. perfect timing since i was leaving for a week long vacation that same day.


    i picked it up off the sandbed and placed it in a crevice of a rock and left for vacation. here it is 7 days later. looks like it's doing ok so far.

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  11. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    here's a dbtc update.

    the hammer coral i picked up from neuro is doing well and though it might not be ready for fragging for dbtc it looks like its going in the right direction.

  12. DeeAnnMG

    DeeAnnMG Guest

    You tell a good story. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to read if your bta made it or not. So glad it's okay.
  13. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    FTS update shot

    Havent changed or added anything. My bta is doing well after its encounter with the skimmer. My frag of 5 sunny d's is up to 8 plus two baby ployps. About a week ago i noticed the foot of my ricordea was stretching across the rock it was on. It receded back and left two new ployps. They havnt opened yet but im excited since it will be a 2nd gen DBTC if i can mange to cut it off the rock.
  14. DeeAnnMG

    DeeAnnMG Guest

    Looking good.
  15. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    Moved sine things around and took some updated pics of the white speckled gbta a and my frag of sunny d's that has just about doubled in size

    IMAG0560.jpg IMAG0559.jpg IMAG0565.jpg
  16. tr1gger

    tr1gger Keyboard Cowboy

    Awesome growth! I can tell those zoas have plumped up quite a bit. Good work :)
  17. neuro

    neuro Webmaster

    wow that speckled rbta looks like a great find. didn't lucky ocean close awhile ago?

    how cool

    edit: wait i'm thinking of another place...
  18. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    It was my first time there and almost missed the anemone because they had them floating in containers that were not see through. But on my way out I noticed that the tank had BTA $15 written on the tank. They had 4-5 containers floating around but this was nearly a month ago.

    I'm very happy to see that it has colored up so much and it's nice to know that it is very hardy and resilient. I really thought I was going to lose it when I found it stuck in the skimmer intake
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  19. monkeybiz

    monkeybiz Guest

    Met up a nice reefer named Dan off RC and picked up a rbta. Nice guy with a really nice setup and a huge rbta colony that dates back to one single rbta that he bought originally 15 years ago.

    Also ran into tek, owner of blue ocean aquatics.


    I hope it gets along with the gbta.
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  20. DeeAnnMG

    DeeAnnMG Guest

    A 15 year old rbta colony? Nice! That is one of the best things about these forums. We don't always have to go to the sea for all of the gorgeous life in our tanks.

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