2020 BAR Events

Tim Obert

Supporting Member
I also volunteer up the distillery if we want to do something with social distancing in place. Plus y’all could see the new 150 that we have been working on

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Frag Swap Coordinator
There has been talks about how you'd go about it, and how to social distance, etc. However the biggest hurdle, IMO, is the group size, not picking group, just congregation of a group of people that could easily exceed 50 which may go against local ordinances, now I'm not sure how that has changed over the past couple weeks with the various "phases" that each county is doing but it is definitely something that was a no-no a few weeks back. A secondary hurdle would be how do you do picking rounds and social distance? Everyone wait in a car? Groups of 2 people max? Prepare for 14 hour swap then :)

But some alternatives to a traditional swap have been brought up, but they are currently being worked on.