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2021 BAR Apparel


Newly designed BAR apparel is now available here:

A few things to note:
  1. Prices have been set as low as possible to minimize proceeds. This is not intended as a fund-raising campaign.
  2. All proceeds from sales of apparel with the black logo in the front go to Ocean Conservancy. You have the option of adding a donation when you check out.
  3. Proceeds from sales of other items go to BAR, which is a non-profit, and benefit all of our members (and keep the lights on)
  4. We are not limited to what you see in the store today: it is an arbitrary selection of designs, products and colors. If there is something you'd like added, let me know. You can see the entire catalog here:
  5. Items ship directly to you.
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Susan Ingram

Supporting Member
Man.. you are beating me to the punch!! I have at least three people that would order shirts with the Rainbow logo. Is that possible?

Susan Ingram

Supporting Member
One of my colleagues who has an affinity to a certain type of plant, pointed out, "Bay Area Reefers" can mean a lot of things :p
Most of my family and my partner’s have that same affinity… we are planning on sending them all one.. I know that is EXACTLY what they think it is.

Kensington Reefer

Supporting Member
I loves me some T-shirts
But as much as I want to get some of these...
Why no 100% cotton shirts?
I’m sorry but I can’t do “blends”