24k lythophyllon

Coral reefer

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This came from aquatic collection awhile back. I believe Karson Called it a tyree pumpkin patch. It is bright orange and I love it! One piece for scar bird if he sees this and responds before there are 5 other responses, I told him about this already. And maybe one more depending on interest. Please have a tank journal, and put in 2 pieces back to chain before sell or trade. Get me back if I need it. Pick up in sf. Preference to those that will pickup rather than ask for delivery at meeting or tank tour etc... Don't not ask if that's you tho.
Like my sticky post in the dbtc info and rules forum.
Please update this once or twice year.
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Neat. When you have more frags of this I would love to add it to my psamacora corner. I can also trade for my green if you are interested.