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3D printed overflow


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I have two prototype overflow that i made for my frag tank now no longer needed, instead of throwing them away, wanted to check if anyone wants to use it for their tank. both in orange PETG and 3" hole for drain.

smaller one is 10x7 bigger one is 8x6.5


Pick up in San Pablo
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OT: what printer and what settings did you use? I tried this in the past, but gave up because I couldn't get it watertight, no matter how many walls I used. I'm assuming my P1S could do it now though.
i use mix of p1s and x1c, to archive watertight print, you need to make wall overlap at least 90% and at least 4 layers of wall to begin with, also thicker infill. i've make an overflowbox and hasn't leaked since i set my tank up.

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Off topic, but anyone have recommendations on how to learn about making models/designs for 3d printing? My 8 year old wants to learn. Not sure where to start

There's facilities/clubs all over the bay area. Where do you live? I bet there is something local to you for her.