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@Mason made a journal update.


Mason said:
Well...tryin to figure out what the brown thing is. It's not a flatworm. It survived the dip.


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A slightly better closeup if anybody can ID the brown spotted critter. Looks like there's another one inside the mouth.

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Sure it was alive?
It may or may not have survived the dip. It fell off pretty easy when I bumped it ( hopefully my 6 line found it) but there was another one deep inside the mouth that was already well eaten away. the frag just went through a dip with fairly rough flow and then a fresh water rinse and a good shake. When I bumped the bug the zoa closed up and a bunch of the orange mouth pieces of the zoas flew up into the water stream so I imagine he was still alive. I pulled it just to be sure. It's just not worth it and I have no desire to fight a bigger fight if it spreads onto the others. The two frags that were on either side have zoas that have not opened for 3 days so I've pulled one of them out and watching the others closely.
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